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Control Attributes

Header Control

Google Search

After refinement labels were added to the search, approval was granted for everyone to use the same search without any customizations.  If there is ever a need to use a different search location or engine, here are the attributes:

  • GoogleCSERedirect (Default = /GoogleSearchResults.aspx)
  • GoogleCSEUniqueID (Default = 012989503401987579181:dorjvt5fw4i)
  • GoogleSearchVisibility (Default = "On")

Schools (Links)

  • SchoolsLinks (Default = "On")

Images (Header Image)

  • BannerImage (Default = /template2011/images/LSUHealthno15.png)
  • BannerHeight (Default = 72)
  • BannerWidth (Default = 300)

HeaderLinks (Job Opportunities, Contact, Donate)

  • HeaderLinksVisibility (Default = On, if "Off" will not display)

Menu Control

  • XmlFileName
    • By default, this points to /template2011/xml/menu.xml which should be used as a sample.
    • It is recommended that the custom XML file be stored in an xml directory on the site in which it is used.
  • XslFileName
    • By default, this points to /template2011/xml/menu.xsl
    • If you need to reference xml generated by the CMS, you will need to reference /template2011/xml/MenuCMS.xsl

If the menu control is not desired on a page, it can be removed by removing the LSUHSCTemplate2011Menu control from the webpage. Since it is no longer necessary, the Register tag at the top of the file pointing to the Menu Control may be removed as well

Footer Control

At the current time, there are no customizable attributes in the footer control.