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Formatting Pages Without ASP.Net

Option #1

Using an aspx page with iframes, you can incorporate asp, php, and other applications in the new template. Download the sample pages with and without menus which includes code such as the following:

  • <div class="Content" >
  • <iframe src="filename.php" frameborder="0" height="685px" width="100%" scrolling="no" ></iframe>
  • </div>

You can use another page to create the CMS menu using the CMS, but include one page not using the CMS to add the iframe code which references the old application. When the headers, footers, and menus are remove from the application, it will appear to be in the same format as the template, only it was added into an iframe of a page using the template. Our department header images page at is actually a php page and is a sample of what can be done using the iframe.

Option #2

For developers who wish to avoid iframes in, you will need write your own code so your pages can look like the template, including the date, time, and temperature. Loaded pages may not receive the benefits of caching that is possible when using Any time changes to the template are made, any custom pages would require modifications in order to stay current. We would not recommend going this route.

We provide code below to assist you in matching your pages as closely as possible to the current template.