Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

From: Ronnie Smith, Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
Subject: Hurricane Katrina Recovery – Update #43
Posted: May 25, 2007

The final, detailed proposal for the permanent repairs and hazard mitigation for the Lions/LSU Clinic Building has been forwarded to FEMA for their review and approval.  The plan includes rebuilding the Cohn Learning Center on the 6th floor, building an additional external stairwell on the front of the building, and elevating the critical mechanical, electrical and plumbing components from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor to protect it from any future flooding.  The refined cost estimates prepared by the architects demonstrate that the project is cost effective, so we are optimistic that FEMA will approve the proposal.  When the final approvals are received, the construction documents can be prepared and the bids for the construction will be issued.

The contract to make temporary repairs to the vivarium on the 1st floor of the CSRB has recently been awarded and work should be underway shortly.  The completion of these temporary repairs will provide additional vivarium space to support the research community.  Concurrently, the first proposal for permanent repairs and hazard mitigation for the CSRB and MEB has been crafted and shared with FEMA.  The concept addresses issues in both buildings; moving Animal Care facilities out of 1st floor locations in the MEB and CSRB and elevating them into a multistory addition that would be constructed on the rear of the CSRB.  Critical mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment would be elevated in both buildings, and a bank of emergency generators to run non-life safety critical functions in the nearby buildings would be installed in the addition.  An emergency operations center is also contemplated.  If FEMA determines that the concept is feasible and reasonable, the architects will move forward with the design work and preparation of the final proposal.

The downtown campus architects have recently discussed their initial concepts for permanent repairs and mitigation for the Nursing/Allied Health Building, the Resource Center, and the Student Residence Hall with LSUHSC and Facility Planning.  All of the concepts appear reasonable and are less complex that the proposals noted above.  As each concept is developed, it will be forwarded to FEMA for their initial review and comment.

The work to prepare the Dental School campus for the return of the School in late summer continued.  The contract to establish the Central Sterilization function on the 3rd floor of the Clinic Building has been awarded.  The contract for the replacement of the ceiling tiles and grid on the upper floors of both buildings has also been awarded.  Work on the final environmental remediation and duct cleaning has progressed rapidly and remains on schedule.  The upgrade of the network infrastructure continued as all of the cable trays have been installed and a significant portion of the new cable has been pulled in the Clinic Building.  The Dental School architects continue to refine their concept for the permanent repair and mitigation of the Clinic and Administration Buildings, and the Power Plant.  The current concept envisions constructing an annex to the Clinic Building that would house critical clinical functions previously located on the 1st floor of the Clinic, along with other critical functions and the mechanical, electrical and plumbing components that had been in the basement.

The contractors working at 1542 Tulane Ave. have made good progress during the past few weeks.  The elevator contractor is striving to have one elevator repaired and certified for normal use within the next week or so.  The electrical and mechanical contractors have been completing repairs to the steam system and the hot water heat exchangers, running power to new pumps, and preparing for the installation of additional equipment that has been on order and should be received soon.

Here are highlights of work that has been accomplished since our last update was posted two weeks ago.

Project to Make Temporary Repairs to the Dental School:

  • The final environmental remediation and duct cleaning contract is progressing smoothly.  The focus of the work has been within the Clinic Building.  Zimmer has been working 24 hour days.  When the contractor completes their duct cleaning or their remediation cleaning of an area, an independent environmental consultant must inspect the spaces and test a variety of samples to verify that the cleaning has been thorough and that the spaces are suitable for occupancy.  The requirement for some re-cleaning is common. 
    • Duct cleaning is underway.  As the cleaning is completed test samples are taken and the interior insulation within the ducts is coated/encapsulated. 
    • The remediation work in the interior spaces is also well underway. 
      • As stairwells are cleaned, the required testing is conducted.  Following the receipt of clearances, the walls are painted with an antimicrobial paint.
      • As interior spaces (halls, offices, etc.) are remediated, air sampling is conducted.  The cleaned spaces will remain sealed until the clearances are received.
  • Remediation Status:
    • All four stairwells  have been cleaned.
      • Test results are pending on two stairwells.
      • The other two stairwells have been painted with the antimicrobial paint.
    • Clinic 1st Floor:
      • Duct work has been cleaned.
        • Test results are pending.
      • Interior spaces have been cleaned.
        • Clearances have been received.
        • The containment has been removed.
    • Clinic 2nd Floor:
      • Duct work has been cleaned.
        • Test results are pending.
      • Interior spaces have been cleaned.
        • Test results are pending.
        • The containment remains in place.
    • Clinic 3rd Floor:
      • Duct work has been cleaned.
        • Test results are pending.
      • Interior spaces have been cleaned.
        • Test results are pending.
        • The containment remains in place.
    • Clinic 4th Floor:
      • Duct work has been cleaned.
        • The interior insulation has been coated/encapsulated.
      • Interior spaces are being cleaned.
    • Clinic 5th Floor:
      • Duct work is being cleaned.
      • Interior spaces are being cleaned.
  • The project to upgrade the network infrastructure has moved forward.
    • The installation of the new cable trays in the spaces above the suspended ceiling has been completed.
    • New conduit has been installed on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Clinic Building.
    • Wire mold and new jacks are being installed on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Administration Building.
    • Wire mold and new jacks are being installed on the 5th floor of the Clinic Building.
    • Network cable is being pulled on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th floors of the Clinic and the network drops are being connected.
  • The contract to replace the ceiling tiles and grid in the Clinic and Administration Building has been awarded to the low responsive bidder.  We are cautiously optimistic that this work will begin within a short time.
  • Demolition work continues in Auditoriums A and B located in the Administration Building in preparation for the planned renovations.
    • Zimmer is working in Auditorium B jack hammering the floor to remove the concrete that forms the slope in the floor.       
  • The emergency telephone lines have been connected to Elevators #1 and #2 in the Clinic Building, while the elevator repairs have continued in the Administration Building. 
    • Frischhertz has pulled new wire into the Automatic Transfer Switch and over to each disconnect for the three elevator controllers.  This will allow the elevators to be powered by the emergency generator should a loss of building power occur.
    • Schindler Elevator now has power to all three controllers in the Administration Building penthouse. 
    • Schindler worked on the electronics in the elevator control panels in the Administration Building.
    • Repairs are underway to Elevator #2 in the Administration Building penthouse.
    • They are also working in the penthouse on the controller for Elevator #3.
  • Pflueger installed small switchgear on the 2nd level of the Power Plant to service the cooling tower.
    • They installed additional indicator lights on the motor control center and serviced several fuses that were blown. 
    • Pflueger started running a 4 inch conduit on the second level of the Power Plant.
    • They continue working on the installation of the motor control center switches.
  • BellSouth/AT&T installed a telephone line for the fire alarm service; running the line from the Room 5312 to Room 2315 where the fire alarm panel is located in the Clinic Building.
  • We have started the process of removing all of the chemicals that were stored in the basement of the Clinic Building.

Project to Make Temporary Repairs to 1542 Tulane Ave.:

  • Stratos Elevator is working to complete the repairs to Elevator #3 in order to request the final inspection and certification by the State Elevator Inspector.
    • The communications cable for the elevator has been installed.
    • Final repairs and adjustments are being made.
    • The inspection will be scheduled for next week.
  • Ordes Electrical installed new breaker panels in the engine room for Floors 1 through 7.
    • Wire has been pulled to the new panels.
    • Work is underway on the breaker panel that supplies power to the exterior lighting for Floors 1-7.
    • A new breaker panel for the building pumps is being installed.
    • The breakers for the 480 volt pumps are being installed.
  • Arc Mechanical has begun the installation of a new heat exchanger in the basement. 
  • Arc Mechanical is removing the damaged air compressors and pumps from the basement. 
  • Arc Mechanical is testing all the valves in the basement. 
  • The new steam condensate pumps are being installed.

Downtown Campus Landscaping Project: 

  • The contractor has started installing empty conduit under the sidewalks and driveways to allow completion of the irrigation systems.
  • A large plant order was received recently.  The planting will begin shortly.

MEB Cafeteria Project:

  • Completing the demolition and building the construction walls were the main focus of the contractor initially.
    • The ceiling demolition and the removal of the old ceiling lights is complete.
    • The wall dividing the old dining room from the 3rd floor hallway has been demolished. 
    • The Air Handling Unit has been removed, as has the portion of the duct work that will not being reused in the new design.
    • The construction wall separating the 3rd floor hallway from the construction area has been completed.
  • The flooring contractor starting cutting the pattern in the floor and began to demolish the rest of the terrazzo floor.

CSRB Temporary Vivarium Repairs:

  • The contract to make temporary repairs to the Vivarium space on the 1st floor of the CSRB has been awarded and the Notice To Proceed has been issued.  Work will begin shortly.

We encourage you to follow the details of our progress through the daily updates which are posted on the web site..