Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

From: Ronnie Smith, Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
Subject: Hurricane Katrina Recovery – Update #53
Posted: October 12, 2007

We are moving closer to the initiation of some of the permanent repairs to buildings around campus. The contract for the replacement of the MEB roof has been awarded and a Notice To Proceed should be issued at any time. The replacement of the roofs on the Dental School Clinic and Administration Building are out on bid and a large number of contractors have expressed interest. Bids will open on that project on October 23rd.

FEMA is completing the validation of the cost figures on the proposal to make the permanent repairs and complete the 406 mitigation to the Lions/LSU Clinic Building (rebuilding the Cohn Learning Center on the 6th floor and moving critical mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to the 2nd floor). The review of the construction documents for this project is being wrapped up at this time. As soon as FEMA completes their reviews of the costs and the PW and Section 406 Hazard Mitigation Proposal are reviewed and approved, the bids can be issued for this important project.

The architects serving the downtown campus have recently completed and submitted their design concepts for the permanent repairs and 406 Mitigation of five additional buildings and structures. These include 1542 Tulane Ave., the Central Utility Plant, the Roman St. Garage, the District Entergy Garage and the Walk to Wellness. The initial reviews of these concepts are just getting underway. If they are approved, the architects will begin work on the Design/Development drawings and documents for these five projects which are the document submitted to FEMA for final review and approval. Design/Development packages were submitted to FEMA and GOHSEP for the Allied Health/Nursing Building, the Residence Hall and the Resource Center in mid-September. These are currently under review.

We are also pressing forward with completing the work necessary to allow portions of 1542 Tulane Ave. to be re-occupied. The contractor who has been working on the project for over a year is nearing completion of the remaining elements of work. The elevator contractor continues to complete repairs to the many storm damaged elevators throughout the building. Another elevator was recently inspected and certified for normal use. LSUHSC Facility Services has developed a plan that identifies the critical path elements of work that remain to be completed before re-occupying portions of the building and is managing the plan closely. Bids have recently been issued for the final remediation and duct cleaning contract. Painters are already at work removing peeling paint and preparing to repaint those surfaces.

Work on the 1st floor of the Dental School Clinic Building is proceeding nicely. Light fixtures are installed, much of the ceiling work is completed, and wall finishes are being installed. The reverse osmosis water system has been cleaned and tested and the Central Sterilization unit is now fully functional. Projects to make enhancements to the MEB Morgue, the cafeteria, and landscaping on the downtown campus are all progressing well.

Here are highlights of work that has been accomplished since our last update was posted two weeks ago.

Project to Make Temporary Repairs to 1542 Tulane Ave.:

  • Permanent Roof Repairs:
    • The initial proposal for permanent roof repairs to the building was submitted to FEMA and is now under review.
  • Fire Alarm System:
    • Siemens (Fire Alarm Division) is on site installing and programming the fire alarm system modules in the fire alarm control panel on the 1st floor.
      • Siemens connected electrical power to the fire alarm panel and installed all of the fire alarm panel control modules.
      • The contractor continues to program the modules.
  • Elevator Repairs:
    • Stratos Elevator is installing new wiring for the motors of Elevators #7 and #8.
      • They are also installing and programming new position sensors for Elevator #2.
      • Stratos Elevator has installed the new door hangers for Elevators #7 & #8 on Floors 6 through 8.
      • Stratos Elevator continues to work on Elevators #7 and #8; completing the installation of new door guides on Floors 3-8.
      • Stratos continues to work on Elevators #7 and #8 changing the door track on Floors 3 through 5.
    • The contractor is also working on Elevator #3, removing equipment from the elevator pit.
    • The contractor tested Elevator #2 in preparation for the inspection by the State Elevator Inspector. 
      • Elevator #2 was inspected by the State Elevator Inspector.
      • The preliminary indication is that Elevator #2 passed inspection and should be certified for normal use shortly. 
    • Stratos is also working on Elevator #1; removing the rear doors in the basement. 
  • Emergency Generator:
    • Ordes installed the emergency generator power wiring between the generator and the ATS.
    • They terminated the emergency generator power wiring at the generator in the parking lot and at the transformer in the basement.
    • They have grounded the emergency generator and connected the wire taps in the junction box.
    • The 110 volt power was also connected to the generator.
    • Ordes filled the emergency generator with fuel.
    • They began installing a new feed for the Parking Garage lighting.
    • Ordes made all the final connections for the installation of the emergency generator and was assisted by the manufacturer (Cummins) in performing the start-up of the emergency generator.
      • The contractor load tested the emergency generator for two hours and the generator performed as expected.
  • Final Remediation and Duct Cleaning:
    • Bid specifications have been developed for the final remediation and duct cleaning that is required within the building.
      • The bids were issued on October 8th.
      • The pre-bid conference is scheduled for October 16th.
      • Bids are due to open on October 31st.
  • Misc.
    • Siemens (HVAC/Controls Division) is on site removing the AHU control panel in the basement.
    • Ordes installed the power for the pre-cooler and dryer components of the main air compressor.
    • MCC continues installing the CHW riser isolation valves.
    • Siemens continues to work on the fire alarm system installing new fire pump controls for the fire pump in the basement.
    • Painters are removing peeling paint from Stairwell C in the building.

Project to Make Temporary Repairs to the Dental School:

  • A draft of the permanent repair and Section 406 Hazard Mitigation proposal for the Clinic Building, the Administration Building and the Power plant has been reviewed by the head of the GOHSEP 406 Hazard Mitigation team and representatives of LSUHSC with the architects.
    • Some additional details and refinements are needed before the design concept will be presented to FEMA for their initial review.
    • A preliminary draft of a Benefit Cost Analysis suggests that the proposal will be very cost effective.
  • 1st Floor Clinic Building Projects
    • The ceiling grid is completely installed on the lobby of the 1st floor of the Clinic Building.
      • Landis is awaiting the materials for the curved ceiling that will be installed in the main lobby and into the elevator lobby.
    • Landis began the electrical trim out of the lights; installing fixtures and bulbs in the Clinic Building elevator lobby.
    • The installation of the supply grilles and return grilles for the HVAC continues around the 1st floor spaces.
      • All of the lights have been installed in the Clinic Building 1st floor lobby spaces.
      • The new lights for the restrooms located off the elevator lobby were installed.
    • The granite clad wall, the floor, and the storefront windows are being cleaned in the Clinic Bldg.
      • Walls are being grouted where necessary.
    • The painting of the fur downs in the Clinic Building 1st floor lobbies is complete.
    • Siemens finished installing the controls in the mechanical room.
      • They continue to run wire for the controls of the HVAC system that will serve the 1st Floor of the Clinic Building.
    • Landis repositioned sprinklers and relocated sprinkler pipes that will be in the way of the new ceiling in the lobby of the Clinic Building, 1st Floor.
    • Landis is prepping the walls on the 1st floor for the installation of the wood clad finishes.
      • Landis began installing the wood veneer in the main lobby of the Clinic Building.
  • Central Sterilization
    • The sanitization and flushing of the Reverse Osmosis System is complete and the Reverse Osmosis water is safe to use.
      • Test results show that it is free of colony forming units and that it can be used as needed without concern for biological contaminants.
    • The painters have completed the last of the punch list items in the Central Sterilization area.
    • Gentigue installed a new door gasket on one of the sterilizers correcting a leak in the Central Sterilization area.
    • Landis completed the punch-list items for the 3rd floor Central Sterilization Room.
  • Permanent Roof Repairs:
    • The bid for the permanent repairs to the roofs of the main Dental School campus buildings is going out on the street. An expedited bid period will be used to help move the project forward as quickly as possible.
      • The bids were advertised on October 10th.
      • The pre-bid conference was held on October 12th.
      • Bids will be opened on October 23rd.
  • Elevators:
    • Schindler continues to work on repairing the freight elevator.
      • They are currently installing the additional safety breaks and wiring the new electronic controller.
      • Schindler began adjusting the controls, wiring connections, doors and motor speed on the freight elevator.
    • Schindler installed the alarm bells for Elevators #6 and #7.
      • They continued adjusting Elevator #7 in the Administration Building.
      • Adco Metal cleaned and sealed the metal finishes.
      • Schindler completed installing the elevator interiors in Elevator #6 and #7.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Siemens continued their work on AHU 1-1; installing safety devices and thermostats.
    • A-1 Signs started work on the LSU School of Dentistry sign.
      • They diagnosed the trouble with the power for the neon lights that illuminates the sign.
      • They painted the existing letters of the sign on the exterior of the building.
      • The new "L" is mounted and painted.
      • The neon lights and the power problem have been repaired.
      • The repairs to the LSU School of Dentistry sign are complete.
    • Siemens delivered the new control panels for the EMS upgrade. All of the network wires for the system have been run throughout the buildings.
    • Landis is demolishing the old TV Studio (Room 2203) to prepare for the construction of the new conference room.
      • The demolition of the TV Studio (Room 2203) is almost complete.
      • Landis has scheduled the removal of the two large viewing windows and the concrete steps to the adjacent rooms.
    • Landis continues to make progress replacing the in-line dampers on Floors 7 & 8.
    • Landis has also begun removing the ceiling mounted speakers in the Clinic areas on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
    • The removal and replacement of some of the damaged laminate wall panels on the 2nd floor of the Clinic Building is in progress.

Lions/LSU Clinic Permanent Repairs & Mitigation:

  • LSUHSC has been completing their review of the construction documents for the proposal to make permanent repairs to the building and to elevate the Cohn Learning Center to the 6th floor and the critical mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment to the 2nd floor. Comments are due to FP&C next week.
    • FEMA is evaluating the cost data that has been submitted to insure that the estimates represent “fair and reasonable” figures.
    • The versions to the related Project Worksheets have been written and submitted for internal reviews by FEMA.

Downtown Campus Landscaping Project:

  • The crews finished installing 3" conduit and routing irrigation valve control wires into the first floor of MEB to the controller. 
    • They have completed making the control wire connections for stations 1 through 6.
  • The 2 inch irrigation main that runs around the Allied Health/Nursing Building and the MEB has been pressurized.
    • Crews flushed water through irrigation stations 2 through 6.
  • Station 1 on the Bolivar St. side of the Allied Health/Nursing Building was programmed to be run automatically by the controller.
  • Crews installed bubbler nozzles in the six tree planters within the sidewalk on the Bolivar St. side of the Allied Health/Nursing Building.
  • Stations 7 through 9 on the S. Roman St. side of the Allied Health/Nursing building have been connected to the controller.
    • All of the Allied Health/Nursing Building irrigation stations are now connected.
  • The crews installed the nozzles on sprinklers located on stations 4 & 5.
    • Stations 4 & 5 were programmed to operate automatically on the controller.
  • The planting has begun on the Gravier St. side of the Allied Health/Nursing Building.
    • New trees have been planted.
    • Crews also began installing bushes/shrubs in the planting beds along the Gravier St. side of both the MEB and the Allied Health/Nursing Building.
    • They have also installed sections of trench drain in the same area.

Cafeteria Project:

  • The new tables and chairs are being unpacked, assembled and put into place.  
  • The electrical and data wiring in the middle section is now complete. 
    • Several of the booths and associated tables have been set in place.
  • The solid surface counter top for the beverage, coffee and the trash area has arrived and is in the process of being installed.
  • The trim out of the curved booths is underway.

MEB Morgue:

  • The cooler panel installation continues with lights being installed in the smaller walk-in cooler.
  • One evaporator unit has been hung in the large walk-in cooler.
  • The condenser unit has been set in place and tested.

Parking Garage Elevators:

  • The remaining elevator in the Roman Street Garage has been repaired and certified for normal use.

Permanent Building Repairs and 406 Mitigation:

  • The design team prepared and submitted their initial design concepts for the permanent repair and 406 Hazard Mitigation of five additional buildings/structures. Those buildings are:
    • 1542 Tulane Ave.
    • Central Utility Plant
    • Roman St. Garage
    • District Entergy Garage
    • Walk To Wellness
  • The design concepts are currently under review by the 406 Hazard Mitigation team with GOHSEP and by LSUHSC.

We encourage you to follow the details of our progress through the daily updates which are posted on the web site.