Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

From: Ronnie Smith, Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
Subject: Hurricane Katrina Recovery – Update #76
Posted: August 29, 2008

Hurricane Gustav is threatening significant portions of the Gulf Coast and hurricane preparations are underway. LSUHSC Facilities personnel have been at work positioning sand bags, locating the elevator door dams, and clearing the campus of objects that could become wind blown projectiles, etc. The contractors on site are also making their preparations; protecting their construction areas, and preparing to shut down their activities if an evacuation is necessary.

In spite of this, a great deal of work has been underway for the past two weeks. At 1542 Tulane Ave., we continue to prepare the front and center sections of the building to be re-occupied. Fan coil units are being repaired and/or replaced as necessary. Repairs to Elevators #4 and #7 are progressing. The demolition of the lounge areas on Floors 2 and 3 has been completed and the contractor has begun framing up new walls for the lounges on Floors 3 through 7. A new sidewalk has been poured in front of the building and irrigation piping is being installed. The terrazzo honing efforts are progressing well.

The contractor working in MDL #5 has installed the HVAC and supply air grilles in the ceiling grid. The sprinkler heads have been relocated. The sub-floor has been prepared for laying new tile and the tile layout is underway. The new sub-floor has been poured in the 2nd Floor Lobby of the MEB, the drywall is being floated and sanded, and the new walls are being primed. The replacement of the ceiling on the 4th Floor of the MEB shows significant progress. A majority of the ceiling lights have been installed. New flex duct and supply grills are being installed. The sprinkler heads have been repositioned and the installation of new ceiling tiles has started.

The permanent repairs and hazard mitigation work at the Lions/LSU Clinic Building are ongoing. New walls on the 6th and 7th Floors are being dry walled and insulated. Power cable has been run from the Entergy vault to the 2nd Floor location of the new elevated switchgear. The medical gas and vacuum lines are being run to the new simulation rooms located on the 6th Floor. New exterior glass has been installed on the 1st Floor and the trim pieces that frame each window pane are being installed. A variety of plumbing work is underway and the connections to one of the new VAVs on the 6th Floor are being made.

The two new initiatives at the Dental School are moving forward. Old wiring has been removed from the lab spaces being renovated in the Clinic Building. The rough in of new electrical service has begun in the same areas. The drain lines have been removed from beneath Room 8405 and new duct work is being installed. The remaining demolition has been finished in Auditoriums A & B. New HVAC duct work, piping and drain lines are being installed. The layout for the new walls has started.

The rough in electrical work in the Library Commons is proceeding as conduit and wiring is being run for additional light fixtures, switches and outlets. The monitor fur outs in both the small and large media rooms are finished. The coffee kiosk is being constructed, network cable is being run and old data and telephone cable is being removed. The security doors and intercom on the Walk To Wellness at the Derbigny St. parking lot have been tested and are operational.

The new steel for the roof at the Residence Hall 2nd Floor lobby expansion has been delivered and the installation is nearing completion. LSUHSC has approved the sample of the decorative pre-cast concrete that will be used in the downtown perimeter fencing project and the items have been put into production. The fencing contractor is installing fence at Student Lot 2.

Here are highlights of work that has been accomplished since our last update was posted two weeks ago.

Lions/LSU Clinic Permanent Repairs and Mitigation:

  • The contractor continues to install new sheetrock and frame walls on the S. Prieur St. side of the 6th Floor.
    • Sheetrock and insulation is still being installed on the new walls on the 7th Floor.
    • The chase wall in the bathrooms on the S. Prieur side is being framed.
    • A crew is installing a CMU wall by the Electrical Room on the 1st Floor on the S. Prieur St. side of the building.
    • The contractor is installing the steel platform for the new switchgear on the 2nd Floor.
    • They are installing a trap primer on the floor drains under the platform on the 2nd Floor.
    • Thimbles are being installed to prepare the new deck for concrete placement on the 2nd Floor.
    • The contractor is constructing the new circular ceiling outside of the passenger elevator lobby on the 6th Floor.
    • The contractor is installing steel sleeves in the elevator pits and fire caulking.
  • The mechanical contractor is piping in supply and return mains to VAVs on the 6th Floor on the Bolivar St./Gravier St. side of the building.
    • Crews are installing ductwork in the mechanical room on the S. Prieur/Gravier St. side of the 6th Floor.
  • The electrical sub-contractor is running cable from the main Entergy vault to the new switchgear location on the 2nd Floor.
    • The electrical sub-contractor is wiring the new tap box from the high voltage line in the Entergy vault on the 1st Floor to the new switchgear location on the 2nd Floor.
    • They are installing new electrical panels on the 2nd Floor in the new electrical room on the CSRB side of the building.
  • Plumbers are routing medical gas lines to the new simulation rooms.
    • Crews are re-routing the domestic water and waste lines for the break room area on the 6th Floor.
    • Plumbers are also working on the waste line for the bathrooms on the S. Prieur St. side that runs between the 5th and the 6th Floor.
    • The hot water lines on the 6th Floor are being insulated.
    • The condensate line on the 6th Floor is being re-routed.
    • The new water closets and urinal carriers are being set in the bathrooms on the Bolivar St. side of the 6th Floor.
  • The contractor has started installing new glass on exterior of the 1st Floor.
    • Glass has been installed along the CSRB side of the building.
    • Glass has been installed along the Bolivar St. side of the building.
    • Glass has been installed along the S. Prieur St. side of the building.
    • New trim pieces are being installed.

Dental School Laboratory Renovations:

  • The old wiring has been removed.
  • The contractor continues installing new electrical rough-ins and has begun installing the new ductwork.
  • The contractor finished removing the drain lines beneath Room 8405 and reinstalled the ceiling tiles.

Dental School Auditoriums A & B:

  • Pipe insulation and old ductwork was removed.
  • The contractor finished removing the old HVAC heating water lines.
  • The block walls surrounding the AHUs have been removed and crews are removing the AHUs.
  • The electrical sub-contractor continues to remove the old electrical and telecommunications wiring.
  • The contractor is removing the support beams for the accordion walls and the old fresh air ductwork.
  • The contractor is laying out the new walls and the concrete flooring for the auditoriums.
  • The contractor is installing new HVAC piping and drain lines.
  • The lay out of the new ceiling has started.
  • The contractor began installing new duct work.
  • The renovation of Auditorium A and B includes replacing the air conditioning units that serve these rooms. In order to facilitate the installation of these units, the contractor will need to shut down the chilled water system that provides the cooling water to both the Administration and Clinic Buildings. This will take place on Friday, September 5th from 6:00 PM until approximately 11:30 PM. During the outage there will be no air conditioning in any part of either the Administration Building or the Clinic Building.

Repair Work at 1542 Tulane Ave.:

  • Elevator Repairs:
    • Stratos Elevator finished installing whisper-flex cable and buffer springs in the pit and they are currently mounting the hall call stations, as well as installing the tape leveling switches and readers for Elevator #4.
    • They finished mounting equipment and tape selector on top of the cab for Elevator #7.
    • The elevator contractor is pulling wire and hanging travel cable for Elevator #4.
    • They are wiring the controller for Elevator #7.
    • They began work on the 8th Floor doors for Elevator #4.
  • Lounge Areas:
    • The demolition of the 2nd and 3rd Floor areas where lounges will be constructed is complete.
      • Zimmer finished removing the ceiling in the area of the 1st Floor lounge.
    • New walls are being framed for the lounges on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Floors.
    • The electrical sub-contractor installed new electrical wiring in the lounges on 6th and 7th floors.
  • Demolition of Annex Interior:
    • The crews demolishing the interiors of the 3rd and 4th Floors of the annex.
  • Terrazzo Floors:
    • The terrazzo honing of the 1st Floor is complete.
    • The terrazzo honing in Stairwell D is finished.
  • Furniture:
    • The furniture vendor completed setting up and arranging furniture on the 8th Floor.
      • The rooms have been inspected and locked.
    • The Herman Miller Group finished setting up and arranging furniture in several rooms on the 7th Floor.
      • Those rooms have been inspected and locked.
  • Misc.:
    • The new sidewalk in front of the building is complete.
    • Plumbers capped disconnected plumbing on the 3rd and 4th Floor center hallways.
    • The work on the restrooms is complete except for floor mounted urinals (1st Floor) and new flush valves (2nd - 4th Floors).
    • Zimmer-Eschette completed patching walls and painting on the 5th Floor.
    • Crews have finishing installing fan coil units on Floors 4 through 7.
      • The insulation sub-contractor completed work on the fan coil unit pipes and has begun insulating the piping in the hallways.
    • Plumbers capped most of the water lines on the 3rd and 4th Floors. Approximately a dozen lines remain to be capped.
    • Zimmer patched the concrete sub-floors in the lounges on the 4th through the 7th Floors.
    • The painting contractor started repairing walls and painting in five rooms on the 6th and 7th Floors.
    • Landscape irrigation piping is being installed in the front of the building.
    • The lighting contractor completed installing light fixtures in Stairwell D and started installing fixtures in Stairwell C.

Repair Work at the Dental School:

  • Permanent Roof Repairs:
    • Needham Roofing continues work on punch-list items and is applying sealant to the newly installed umbrellas around the bases of the exhaust fan supports.
    • They are repairing and patching the roof in areas damaged by the torches.
    • Needham Roofing repaired the roof on the Administration Building penthouse around the base of new exhaust units.
    • Crews completed replacing roofing sheets near exhaust stacks # F20 and # F22.
    • The contractor replaced roof material next to the wing walls.
    • They finished installing roofing around the perimeter of the penthouse on the Clinic Building.

Walk To Wellness Security:

  • The Derbigny St. parking lot security doors and intercom have been tested and are operational.

Library Commons Project:

  • LSUHSC Facility Services electricians continue work on the electrical rough-in.
    • LSUHSC electricians ran additional conduit and boxes, began to layout the exit signs, and continued running wire for the light switches (switch legs).
    • LSUHSC Facility Services started running conduit and wiring for light fixtures in the study areas along the exterior windows.
  • Auxiliary Enterprises continues rerouting network cables to the rear offices.
  • The contractor completed framing the monitor fur-outs in both the large and small media rooms.
    • They continue framing the wall behind the interior stairs.
  • Crews continue constructing the new Coffee Kiosk.
  • The contractor is removing old data and telephone cables that have been replaced by new re-routed cables.

MEB 2nd Floor Lobby Renovation:

  • The new sub-floor was poured.
  • A crew is sanding the joints in the sheetrock walls.
  • The painting contractor is priming the new sheetrock walls.

Residence Hall 2nd Floor Expansion:

  • The newly fabricated steel has been delivered.
  • The installation of the new steel is well underway.
    • The contractor continues installing the steel supports for the new roof section.
  • The contractor installed the remaining 4 bar joists and the steel tube truss above the pedestrian gate.

MEB 4th Floor - MDL #5 Renovations:

  • The HVAC grilles and return grilles have been installed in the new ceiling grid.
  • The sub-floor has been built up in preparation for the installation of VCT tiles.
  • The contractor finished relocating the sprinkler heads in the ceiling.
  • The contractor began laying out the new floor tile pattern.

Downtown Perimeter Fence Project:

  • The sample of the pre-cast concrete for the decorative fence posts was approved by LSUHSC and is now in production.
  • The contractor is installing fence at Student Lot 2, on the corner of Poydras St. and Perdido St.

MEB 4th Floor Ceiling Replacement:

  • The new corridor ceiling lights were delivered.
  • The fur-down ceiling partitions received a 2nd coat of paint.
  • The new ceiling tile has been delivered.
  • The contractor completed relocating the sprinkler heads.
  • The contractor began installing perimeter ceiling tiles in the corridors and installing supply diffusers.
  • The contractor continues installing flex duct and supply grilles in the corridors.
  • The contractor has installed approximately eighty-five percent of the light fixtures and the fixtures are being tested.
  • Approximately sixty-five percent of the ceiling tiles have been installed.

Building Trash Compactors: All of the existing building trash compactors were seriously damaged by the post-Katrina flood waters.

  • The new trash compactor has been installed at the Dental School campus.

Hurricane Preparations:

  • Crews staged and set sandbags around switchgear rooms for the CSRB and the Lions/LSU Clinic Building.
  • They inspected and removed possible missile hazards from the all rooftops.
  • Elevator door dams have been staged near their respective storm locations.
  • A temporary diesel fuel tank was positioned between the CSRB and the Lions/LSU Clinic Building and filled with fuel.
    • This tank will provide additional fuel reserves for the emergency generators.
  • All of the sandbags were set in final locations.

We encourage you to follow the details of our progress through the daily updates which are posted on the web site.