Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

  • Facility Planning and their roofing contractor have completed all of the inspections on LSUHSC-NO roofs.
  • The temporary electric sump pumps have been installed in the Dental School basement and connected to temporary power.
  • The wash down of the exterior of 1542 is complete. The wash down of the Dental School is still in progress. The US Army Corp of Engineers has a contractor assigned to remove storm debris (at no cost to LSUHSC) and the task order to remove tree debris from the Dental School campus has been approved.
  • A request has been sent to the States Office of Facility Planning to allow LSUHSC to 1) proceed with a solicitation to do emergency removal of carpet, wallboard, and other porous & semi-porous materials in basements and 1st floors, and 2) to approve a sole source contracting procedure for elevator repairs with the existing elevator maintenance contractors.
  • Work has begun on a small contract to rebuild domestic water pumps in three of the downtown campus buildings. Triton Mechanical has removed existing pumps at the Resource Center and MEB. One pump has been left at each building to provide temporary domestic water while the other pumps are being rebuilt. Work to remove pumps at the Residence Hall is underway.