Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Monday, October 24, 2005

  • All of the temporary roof repairs on both the downtown and Dental School campuses have been completed. Any further repairs will be permanent repairs and will be addressed by a subsequent contract coordinated through the Office of Facility Planning.
  • Electric sump pumps in the basements in Stanislaus Hall and the Dental School have maintained the low water levels desired. 1542 Tulane does not yet have emergency power available for the electric pump. The gasoline pump is being used periodically to reduce water levels, but this is not a pump that operates automatically.
  • The wash down of the interior of the Dental School Power Plant is complete. Only the down ramp to the basement loading dock at the Dental School remains to be power washed to complete the contract.
  • All of the field work by the architect (building damage assessment) has been completed. A few areas remain for the engineers to assess. Work on the written reports continues.
  • Fisk Electric began work on the permanent switch gear repair at the MEB today.
  • The Office of Facility Planning has agreed to allow LSUHSC to issue the solicitation for emergency removal of carpet, wallboard, etc. The statement of work is being finalized and the solicitation will be issued.
  • Solicitations for the contract for emergency removal and disposal of flood damaged movable furniture, equipment and furnishings closed COB on 10/20. The contract has been awarded to the low, responsive bidder; AAA Environmental.