Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

  • The contractor responsible for the removal and disposal of flood damaged carpet and building materials completed their work at the Nursing/Allied Health building.
  • The separate contractor responsible for the removal of flood damaged materials from the Dental School basement is cleaning the basement corridors to provide initial access to key areas. LA DEQ conducted their inspection of the contractors asbestos containment in the basement and their report is expected within the week.
  • Three transformers needed for switchgear repairs were delivered to the CSRB today.
  • The pre-bid conference for the solicitation to make permanent repairs to various types of pumps at the Stanislaus Hall, MEB, CSRB, Lions Eye Center, Nursing/Allied Health, and Resource Center was held on 12/27 as scheduled. An addendum was issued today to address questions that arose from that conference. Bids will open on 1/6/2006.
  • Three of the six new fire pumps required to complete repairs at the Nursing/Allied Health building, Residence Hall, Resource Ctr., CSRB, Lions Eye, and MEB were delivered to the contractor. Electricians were on site to prepare for the installation of the pumps which will begin shortly.
  • The pre-bid conference for the (1st floor) environmental remediation at the CSRB, MEB and Lions Eye Center was held today. Bids are scheduled to open on 1/18/2006.