Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Monday, April 17, 2006

  • All five of the elevators in the Lions/LSU Clinic have been certified for general use by the State Elevator Inspector.
  • The elevator contractor working at the Residence Hall is working to finish repairs to the C tower before shutting down the B tower. The contractor plans to send out both the A and B elevator wheels for repair at the same time.
  • The contractor will be replacing the 1st floor elevator doors on all of the elevators in the Resource Center. The hoist cable on elevator #3 is undersized and was cited by the State Elevator Inspector prior to the current contactor receiving the annual maintenance contract. The former contractor is paying for the replacement cable and the current contractor will install it. The replacement cable is in the contractors shop.
  • The temporary chiller and generators are on line at the Dental School Clinic and Administration buildings and the buildings are being cooled. The electrical contractor is working on a temporary electrical power feed.
  • The recommendation to award the contract for the temporary mechanical repairs to the Dental School has been reviewed by all the parties and the Office of Facility Planning & Control has instructed us to proceed with the award.
  • The domestic hot water pumps in the Nursing/Allied Health Building are being installed. We are waiting on the delivery of the city water pumps for this building.
  • The installation of the domestic water pumps in Stanislaus Hall has been completed. However, the electrical disconnect needs to be replaced. LSUHSC is handling this task.
  • The MEB heating hot water pumps are installed, have been tested and are ready to operate. We are still waiting on receipt of the MEB condensate return pumps. The domestic hot water return pump has been removed for testing/evaluation.
  • Repairs to the fire alarm system in the Nursing/Allied Health Building are approximately 95% complete. Some equipment needed to complete the repairs is still on backorder.
  • The fire alarm contractor is completing preliminary work in the Resource Center while they wait for the delivery of needed parts to complete the final repairs.
  • The final testing of the fire alarm system in the Residence Hall has started. Testing should be completed by the end of this week.
  • Emergency Generators:
    • The contractor has inspected all of the automatic transfer switches (ATS) in each of the buildings to determine what repairs are needed.
      • The Nursing/Allied Health Building will require a shutdown of electrical power to the building to work on ATS. This will be scheduled.
    • CSRB: Repair work is complete on the generator. Diesel fuel is needed and LSUHSC has placed the order.
    • Lions/LSU Clinic: Most of the repairs have been completed, however a panel needed for the repairs has not yet arrived. Diesel fuel is also needed here and will be ordered.
    • The MEB, the Residence Hall, the Nursing/Allied Health Building and the Resource Center are waiting on repairs to be completed to the stators of their respective generators. As the repaired stators are delivered, they will be installed.
  • The replacement of 20 year old carpeting in the Resource Center is proceeding. The installation of carpeting is complete on the 4th floor and the old carpet on the 3rd floor is being removed.