Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Friday, April 21, 2006


NOTE #1: Acomplete building power outage is scheduled in the CSRB this Saturday morningto allow the manufacturer to conduct calibration, testing and inspection of theswitchgear. This will also allow aninspection by the contractor who completed temporary repairs to the switch gearto check their repairs. Additionalpartial outages will occur throughout the balance of the day as sub-systems aretested and inspected.


The total building outage is scheduled to occur from 7:00 AMthrough 11:00 AM. The remaining sub-system testing will begin shortlythereafter and should be completed by 9:00 PM. LSUHSC will have engineers andelectricians on site to make sure that all equipment comes back on and thatthere are no problems remaining after the testing has been completed.


NOTE #2: The environmental remediation contractorworking on the downtown campus plans to clean the elevator pits in thefollowing buildings during this weekend - April 22 and April 23. The following buildings will have the listedelevators locked off at the 2nd floor level and will not be available for useduring this period. The 1st floorelevator doors will be also be open so that they can access the elevator pitsand perform the necessary cleaning.


Nursing/AlliedHealth: Allelevators

Resource Center: AllElevators

StanislausHall: AllElevators

ResidenceHall: AllElevators


Weapologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and we are grateful foryour cooperation as the recovery work continues.


Here are details on the progress made through the close ofbusiness today:

  • The MEB elevator emergency phones are now installed and working. According to the State Elevator Inspector, there is no need to re-inspect the elevators; they are now certified for general use.
  • The repairs to the A and C Tower elevators in the Residence Hall are complete, except for the work on the buffers and a few punch list items. Work on the B Tower elevator is underway and work will continue over the weekend.
  • The elevator contractor for the Resource Center will be replacing the 1st floor doors on all of the elevators in the building.
  • The installation of the domestic water pumps in Stanislaus Hall is complete and te LSUHSC Property & Facilities staff finished the installation of a new electrical disconnect. This will allow these pumps to be electrically connected to building power next week.
  • The pump contractor is checking the alignment of all installed, working pumps in the Downtown campus.
  • The testing of the repaired fire alarm system in the Residence Hall is now complete. The punch list items will be completed next week, and the State Fire Marshal will be scheduled to inspect the system.
  • Repairs to the Nursing/Allied Health Building fire alarm system are mostly complete. LSUHSC Facilities Services completed the installation of cables for fire alarm reporting. The audio and strobe lights are working throughout the building. The final testing will be conducted on Monday. If the tests are successful, we will schedule the State Fire Marshals inspection of the system.
  • The work of the environmental remediation contractor is substantially complete in the Nursing/Allied Health Building. Only punch list items remain to be addressed.
  • Temporary repairs to the Dental School Administration and Clinic Buildings continue. The electrician is working on the temporary power feed. Tap boxes to the existing buss ducts have not yet been received. Feeder cables will be pulled this weekend from the LSUHSC Power Plant to the temporary switchgear location.
  • The installation of carpeting in the Resource Center on the 3rd floor is approximately 50% complete. The Library stairs and the 5th floor must still be carpeted.