Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, May 18, 2006

  • Another milestone. Our first student dormatory, Stanislaus Hall, will reopen in the morning.
  • The contractor continues to make progress on the student Residence Hall. Finishing work continues on the tile replacement, and the new tile is being sealed. The Fire Marshall is scheduled to inspect the building Monday.
  • Elevators 4 & 5 have been approved for passenger use in the Nursing/Allied Health Building.
  • Environmental clearance has been received on the air handling units on the 2nd floor of the Nursing/Allied Health Building. Air conditioning is being turned on.
  • Medical air and vacuum pumps for MEB, LE and CSRB expected in shop tomorrow.
  • De-Ionized water pumps due in next week.
  • At the Dental School:
    • Concrete pads removed for air compressors in Power Plant.
    • Housekeeping pads for equipment in basement being poured 50% complete.
    • Valves for CHW system installed. System being checked for leaks and then will be refilled.
    • Domestic water is still off while isolation valves being installed to isolate damaged sinks on 7th floor.
    • One tap box left to be installed.
    • Leveling floor for channel line to be poured for new temporary switchgear.
    • PO being issued to empty flooded elevator pit.
  • Library carpeting nearly complete and library collection being delivered and reshelved
  • Student Parking Lot 2 improvements expected to be complete tomorrow.