Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Friday, August 25, 2006

  • There continues to be significant activity at the Dental School as the 1st two contracts for temporary work are moving towards completion. There have been some additional repairs identified as the work has been completed, and those tasks are being specified to be bid or handled as change orders to the existing contracts. Specifics updates on work from today include:
    • An estimated 75% of the flood damage medical records have now been removed from the basement.
    • Elevators #6 & #7 in the Administration Bldg. are being prepped by the elevator contractor. The rails and tracks in the elevator pits and shafts are being sanded & painted to add corrosion resistance.
    • The Medical Gas System testing is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 30. The system is currently under 80 lbs of pressure and holding.
    • Pipe labeling/identification of the new piping in the basement is currently underway, beginning with the chilled water piping in the Clinic Building.
    • The contractor is working on repairs to the Soft Water System in the Power Plant.
    • The emergency chiller went offline last night & was reported this morning. The 24 hour response team responded and restarted the chiller this afternoon. (This emergency chiller will soon be replaced by temporary units that will connect directly to the buildings cooling systems.)
    • A faucet on the 6th floor was left open in a lab and caused water damage on the NW corner of the Clinic Building. The damage extends from the 6th floor to the Basement of the Clinic. Clean-up of the water is complete.
    • Entergy is working on a high-voltage power line on Florida Avenue. There is a tree near the power line that is causing the power line to arc near the NE corner of the Clinic Building.
  • Work on the temporary repair contract at 1542 Tulane continues.
    • The contractor is having problems tracing the wires and the loads that the various electrical panels are supplying. This is due in part to the lack of as built drawings from the original construction and a long history of repairs and renovations.
    • Workers are in the process of piping in the 4th floor riser and they are piping in the vault to the 13.8 Switchgear and the 500 and 1000 KV transformers.
    • They are also terminating the electrical power and loads to the 1000 KV transformer.
    • We have received the environmental clearances for the 1st floor.
  • In MEBs Lecture Room A, the contract electricians and the testing company are testing the data lines at the table top pod terminations and the corresponding terminations in the data cabinets.  They are also labeling the pods with all of the specific circuit locations.