Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

  • The new VFD for the chilled water pump in the Central Utility Plant is expected to be received this week. Upon receipt, these repairs can begin.
  • The task of tracing the various electrical circuits continues at 1542 Tulane Ave.
    • The high voltage connections in the switch gear are being terminated.
    • The change order for an additional sub-panel and the elevator feeder has been submitted. Once it has been approved, this work can begin.
  • Lecture Room A in the MEB can now be used as needed. However, there are still missing or damaged elements (seats, table tops, panel covers, modesty panels, etc.) that have not yet been received or replaced. There are also a limited number of the table top electrical connections that are not powered at this time.
  • Work at the Dental School is continuing to progress.
    • The contractor has completed the labeling/identification of all of the steam pipes and has started labeling the domestic water pipe in the basement.
    • Soft Water System piping continues as the plumbers are replacing the soft water piping in the Power Plant. Two of the three soft water tanks have had the pipes and gauges changed.
    • The medical gas system (oxygen & nitrous oxide) was tested today; however, there were some problems identified with the panel controls. Repairs will be made as needed. The system is scheduled for retesting on Tuesday, September 5th. The system is currently pressurized with 70 lbs of pressure and is holding pressure.
    • Mold Remediation of heavily molded rooms (6413B, 6409, & 7409A) is nearing completion. The contractors continue to prep the rooms for retesting as required.
  • The exhaust system in the MEB cafeteria kitchen has been repaired and is operational. A contractor is scheduled to come out on Friday, September 1st to certify that the fire extinguishing systems in the kitchen are operating properly.