Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

  • Parking:
    • Flooded vehicles have been removed from the downtown parking lots.
  • Dental School:
    • Pipe Insulation labeling/identification continues.
    • Repairs of the incinerator have begun.
    • The emergency generator is being load tested before final connections are made to the building systems.
    • The design engineers returned to the jobsite today to review the assessments of the PWs in attempts to finalize the scope of work for the buildings on the back campus.
  • 1542 Tulane Ave:
    • Entergy and Ordes finished pulling wires into the vault to supply power to all of the new panels in the basement. The new Entergy Vault Equipment will be installed this evening. Ordes is planning to power up the vault on Friday.
    • The cables from the vault to the 13.8 Switchgear are being connected at the switchgear.
  • Campus Window Replacement:
    • The two windows on the east side of the Nursing Building were replaced today.
    • The last of the parts for the glass doors arrived for Residence Hall and the contractor installed one of the doors.
  • Central Utility Plant:
    • The filters have arrived and are stored at the electricians warehouse.
    • The VFD (controller) is scheduled to arrive Monday of next week. They will mobilize next week to start work again.