Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

  • 1542 Tulane Ave:
    • Ordes continues testing the wires and connections of the switchgear. They are also tracing out existing circuits to determine what they feed.
  • MEB Lecture Rooms:
    • We are still waiting on parts to be delivered so the furniture installer can complete the power connections and install the raceway covers in Lecture Room A.
  • Dental School:
    • Pipe Insulation labeling/identification continues. The contractors have completed the labeling/identification of the heating hot water pipe and have started labeling the domestic water & steam condensate pipe in the basement.
    • Soft Water System piping continues as the contractors are replacing the soft water piping in the Power Plant. All three of the soft water tanks have had the pipes & gauges changed. The contractor is making plans to partially fill the tanks and is preparing the system for testing.
    • Mold Remediation of heavily molded rooms (6413B, 6409, & 7409A) is complete. The contractors have installed the new drywall and are applying paint and cove base to the new walls.
    • The Emergency Generator (temporary-permanent) installation is still underway and progressing towards completion.
    • The Elevator contractor is still awaiting additional parts & new elevator doors prior to resuming work on the DS Elevators.
    • The Medical Gas System is being rescheduled for testing pending the arrival of gas cylinders which are to be provided by LSUHSC.
  • Student Parking Lots:
    • The pre bid was held for the power project for the parking lots.