Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

  • NOTE: This report combines the progress made on Tuesday, 10/10 and today.
  • The elevator contractor at the Dental School is continuing to wire the switches and contacts to the control panel of elevator #3.  The wiring is estimated to be 60% complete at this time.
    • The Phase 2 electrical contractor is installing light switches and duplex receptacles for the new switchgear room.
    • The Phase 1 electrical contractor is coordinating the removal of the old chiller pump motors and condenser pump motors in the Power Plant.  The pump removal has not yet been scheduled.
  • The Dental School architects hosted a pre-bid conference for the Replacement/Repairs of the Fire Exit Doors & Hardware of the Clinic & Administration Buildings (the next phase of work required to attaining building occupancy of the upper floors).  Bids for this work are due October 17, 2006. 
  • At 1542 Tulane Ave., the contractor has pressure tested the natural gas lines in the basement.  They located and repaired 4 separate leaks. 
    • Entergy has been contacted so that we can be put back on their schedule to have the building energized. 
    • The contactor has also set the exhaust fan in place. 
  • No additional work will occur at the Central Utility Plant this week, while the refurbished motor and VFD are being tested (running since it was energized on 10/6).  The refurbished motor and VFD continue to operate properly.
  • The trench for the conduit and electrical wiring for the lighting project at Student Lot #3 is complete.  Conduits have been installed and the trench is ready to be backfilled.  The electrical wire will be pulled through the conduit starting on Thursday. 
    • All of the timber piles have been driven for the light pole footings in Student Lot #3.
    • The contractor will begin driving piles for the footings at Student Lot #2 tomorrow and that work should be completed by the end of the day.
    • The entire parking lot (Student lot #3) was closed today for safety purposes.