Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

  • The work to address the interior air quality in the Dental School Clinic and Administration buildings continued today.
    • A sub-contractor was working to align four motors that power the air handling units on the second floor of the Clinic Building and was successful with three of the units.  The fourth motor has a bad foundation (cracked concrete), and the contractor will have to make that repair. 
    • The contactor will be assisting the sub-contractor with removing the ceiling tiles and grids (as necessary) to replace the bad dampers that have been discovered during the inspections.   
    • The mechanical sub-contractor found three additional places where outside air is entering the building, and will make the needed repairs tomorrow.
    • The sub-contractor is inspecting and replacing the filters and belts on the AHUs  (as needed) on the fourth floor of the Clinic Building , working up to the penthouse. 
  • The incinerator repair contractor started the incinerator late yesterday and was only successful in getting the primary unit fired up.
    • They need to replace some blower motors that are seized, along with the motor controller and panel.