Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Friday, November 10, 2006

  • Student Parking Lot Project:
    • The contractor continues to pull the new electrical wire through the buried conduits in Student Lot #2.
    • The plans for pouring the concrete light pole bases in Student Lot #3 have been pushed back to early next week. 
  • Dental School Temporary Repairs:
    • The electrical contractor is working to restore the power to the loading dock flood gate.    
    • The sub-contractor was onsite today to align the remainder of the newly installed or repaired pumps. 
      • There are still problems with the #3 condenser pump and there is concern that it may cause some damage to the motor on start up. 
      • One of the Chilled Water Loop pumps is not turning as freely as it should.  That will make the motor draw more amps than needed.  This has been reported to the design engineer.
    • The elevator contractor has informed us that some of the replacement elevator doors have been received.