Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

  • The contractor was on site at 1542 Tulane Ave. for half a day today reviewing the change order work that remains to be done. 
    • The engineers and the mechanical sub-contractor reviewed the gas piping in the basement to plan for the removal of all piping that is no longer in service.
  • The manufacturer was making minor adjustments to the operation of the 2nd temporary chiller at the Dental School.  They completed their work today.
    • Training of the LSUHSC Facility Services staff in the operations of the new units has not yet been provided and the provision of the factory operational manuals is still pending.
  • The sub-contractor completed the repair and/or installation of thermostats on the 5th floor of the Dental Clinic Building today and will start working on the 6th floor tomorrow.
  • Cingular removed all of their cellular telephone equipment (antenna, etc.) from the roof of the Clinic Building today.   They have decided not to repair the equipment or use this site at this time. 
    • This relates to a prior contractual agreement with Cingular and does not impact on the provision of telephone service at the Dental School .
  • In Student Parking Lot #2, the holes around the new concrete bases have been backfilled and are being compacted.  The new light poles are also being installed on the bases.
  • The interior surfaces of the elevators at the CSRB and the Entergy Garage were damaged by the flood waters.  This damage did not present a safety issue, so the repairs were not made a high priority with the contractor. 
    • The sub-contractor who will be completing the repairs was on site today.  We expect that the repair work on the interiors of the elevators should start soon.