Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, January 25, 2007

  • In the MEB atrium, the contractor began framing the fur-downs over the temporary path that has been designated for faculty and students during the renovations.
  • The remaining light fixtures were installed in the MEB 3rd floor corridors, including the installation of a new down-light by each restroom door for the restrooms located behind the bank of elevators.
  • The initial phase of the project to restore telephone service to the Dental School Clinic and Admin buildings has begun.  The contractor began to run new conduit in the basement that will carry the telephone trunk lines to the 5th floor computer room. 
  • The removal of the old ceiling on 1st floor of the Dental Clinic Building continued today. 
  • The final preparations were made to allow for the emergency chiller to be removed from the Dental School campus. 
  • The last of the temporary dehumidification equipment was removed this morning by the contractor. 
  • The elevator contractor working at 1542 Tulane Ave. is working on elevators # 1 and #2; replacing components in the panels and hauling debris to the first floor.
  • The 1542 Tulane contractor continued running conduit in the basement for the transfer switches and the additional transformer.
    • They also are installing 3 way switches for the lighting in the basement.
  • The mechanical subcontractor is removing the old sump pumps from the 1542 Tulane Ave. basement, along with the plates that support the pumps.   They have also removed all of the old pipes connected to the sump pumps.
  • The insulation subcontractor continues to bring in supplies that will be required to start the insulation of the basement pipes.