Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, January 4, 2007

  • NOTICE: On January 5th, beginning at 5:30 PM and lasting until midnight, and again on January 6th from 6:00 AM until 3:30 PM there will be periodic shutdowns of normal power to the Medical Education Building , to work on the building switchgear.  These outages will be up to 2 hours in duration. The work includes the moving of the bottom row breakers to the top row where spares currently exist.  Emergency power will be available during the shutdowns which will provide for fire protection, some lighting and miscellaneous emergency circuits.  There will be no domestic water, medical pumps, A/C or fans working during the shutdowns.  Freezers and coolers that are on emergency power will not be affected by the power outages; however, those devices not on emergency power will be without electricity during the outages.  The purpose of this work is to minimize the potential for damage to the switchgear should the area be confronted with another flood.
  • The contractor working at 1542 Tulane continued the installation of electrical panels for the temporary generator in the basement.
    • The elevator contractor is working in the penthouse replacing switches and other damaged parts.  
  • The project to enhance the MEB atrium and connecting hallways is progressing well. 
    • The ceiling framing for the fur-downs is complete. 
    • The contractor began hanging sheet rock at the fur-downs along the exterior windows. 
    • The walls at the ramps to the atrium from the MEB have been over laid with sheetrock.  The sheet rock must still be finished and prepped for painting. 
    • LSU personnel finished demolishing the sheet rock and wall covering along the Allied Health side of the atrium. 
    • New conduit was run for electrical power on the columns in what will be the new seating areas.  The contractor also continued to raise conduit and fixtures in the ceiling that will interfere with the height of the new ceiling.
    • In the 3rd floor corridors, the ceiling framing is complete.  The contractor continues the installation of the ceiling tile and is about 80% complete.  Most of the new light fixtures have also been installed. 
    • The sprinkler contractor will have to move several sprinklers to allow for the placement of the lights that have not been installed.  This is being coordinated with the contractor and will happen shortly.