Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

  • Jefferson Sprinkler has replaced the damaged heads on the fire suppression sprinkler system and repaired the broken pipes located in the old kitchen area in the basement of 1542 Tulane Ave.
  • The contractor continues to prepare the MEB atrium floor for the installation of new floor tile.  The sanding is complete on approximately half of the atrium floor.
    • All of the new drywall has been installed. 
    • The new light fixtures have been delivered.
  • LSUHSC Facility Services personnel have completed the removal of the ceiling tile on Floors #5, #6, #7, and #8 in the Dental Schools Clinic Building.
    • The contractor completed removing the ceiling tile on the 2nd floor and started on the 3rd floor in the Clinic Bldg.
    • The waste hauler will send four loads of ceiling tiles to the dump on Wednesday.
  • The Dental School contractor has to shut down the power to the south west side of the Clinic Building to change out an electrical panel. This is one of 4 panels being replaced in the building.
  • The contractor reviewed the plans to install the new motor control center in the Dental Power Plant.  The procedures have been developed to minimize the amount of time that the buildings will be without HVAC.
    • The crew will consist of 7 workers; 4 in the day and 3 at night.
    • They will have at least one of every component in the HVAC system (1 chiller, 1oop pump, 1 chill water supply, 1 condenser pump) operating within a 24 to 32 hour period.