Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

 Wednesday, February 14, 2007

  • The contractor who was secured to assist in the removal of ceiling tiles from the Dental School has removed all of the ceiling tiles on the 3rd floor of Clinic Building and approximately half of the library.
  • The contractor hired by Cingular was on site patching holes left by the cellular equipment that they removed from the Dental School in December. They will finish the repairs tomorrow.
  • The Dental School contractor started disassembling the flood damaged motor control center and started the installation of the new motor control center at the Power Plant late this afternoon.  Two crews are assigned to work days and nights so that any downtime is minimized.
  • The elevator contractor continued their work on the passenger elevators in the Clinic Building .
  • At 1542 Tulane Ave. various repair initiatives are underway.
    • The insulation of the chilled water pipes continues in the basement. 
    • The installation of the submersible sump pumps is progressing. 
    • The electrical work in the basement continues as the contractor installs new lighting and electrical panels.
  • In the MEB atrium, the sanding and preparation of the floor to receive new tile has been completed. 
    • New floor tiles are now being installed.
    • The drywall has been installed on the knee walls; the joints have been taped and the drywall floated and sanded.  The knee walls are almost ready for paint.
    • The sprinkler contractor began work on completing the sprinkler system.  Sprinkler heads are being re-plumbed so that they are at the final design heights in relationship to the new ceilings.