Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

  • NOTICE: Air Handling Unit (AHU) 4-2 in the Clinical Sciences Research Building, which supplies conditioned air to the North (Lions Eye) side of the 4th floor, has been operating with an undersized blower wheel while the new blower wheel was ordered.  We now have the correct wheel and have scheduled the replacement for Wednesday, February 7th from 5:30 PM to 11:30 PM.  During this time there will be no supply air to the rooms served by this air handling unit – North side of the 4th floor.  Because of the cool, dry evenings, we do not expect any excessively hot areas to develop during the outage. However, this will be monitored so that corrective measures can be taken should they be necessary.  Replacing the wheel now will allow the AHU to provide sufficient air to all spaces during the hot summer that is right around the corner. 
  • NOTICE: The repeated testing of the elevators and the automatic transfer switch (ATS) in the Medical Education Building has revealed that the ATS for the elevators needs to be replaced.  The ATS is the device that controls the switching of power from normal power to emergency power.  When there is a power loss and the generator is operating, the ATS for the elevators notifies the elevator controller what power is available so that the elevators can function accordingly.  In order to change the ATS, the elevators will need to be powered down for 12 hours.  This is scheduled for Saturday, February 10th from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
  • The contractor at 1542 Tulane Ave. is installing light fixtures in the basement area and running conduit for lights to be installed in the old kitchen area. 
    • The elevator contractor is continuing to remove old damaged parts from the elevators.
    • The process of insulating the chilled water pipe continues and the contractor is completing the clean up in the areas where the work has been finished. 
    • The mechanical subcontractor continues to clean out the basement sumps and redo the old piping.
  • The Dental School contractor continued moving the 8 component parts that make up the new motor control center onto the mezzanine in the Power Plant.
  • The elevator contractor worked in the pits of elevator # 1 and #2; fine tuning the units in the Clinic Building.
  • All of the old ceiling has been removed from the Faculty Dental Practice area in the Clinic Building.
  • LSUHSC Facility Services personnel continued to remove ceiling tiles from the Clinic Building .  Work on the 5th floor is approximately 98% complete.
  • The old vinyl tile flooring has been completely removed from the MEB atrium. 
    • One of the new knee-walls has been framed.
    • The ceiling is completely primed and is ready for paint.