Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, March 01, 2007

  • The contract to restore electrical power to the various parking lots on the downtown campus is progressing well.
    • The electrical contractor is working on installing the conduit run from Student Lot 2 to Student Lot 3. 
    • They still have to finish the unistrut on Student Lot 1 (formerly Student Lot 5). 
    • The contractor who is repairing or replacing damaged parking lot controls, gates, arms, etc. is working on the access controls on the ramp leading to upper floors of the Roman St. Garage.  He expects to be substantially completed with his entire contract shortly.
  • The elevator contractor worked on the freight elevator on the first floor level of the Dental Clinic Building today. 
  • The State Contract representative of the telephone switch manufacturer began their inspection of the Dental School .  This will allow them to prepare the cost estimates for re-cabling the switch in the new 5th floor location. 
  • Work on various projects at 1542 Tulane Ave. was delayed today when Entergy New Orleans had one leg of the power feed into the building fail.  Entergy is already working to restore full power to the building.
  • All of the flooring in the MEB atrium and related areas has been installed. 
    • Patching and repainting of walls is in progress. 
    • The hand rails have been reinstalled on the walls of the two ramps that lead from the atrium into the MEB.
    • The top rails of the new knee walls that line the upper portion of the atrium have been installed.  Finishing and painting still remain to be completed.