Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

  • The downtown campus architects have secured a testing company to assist in assessing and quantifying additional storm-related damage that may have been concealed within building components or not otherwise obvious to a visual inspection.  That team began work today; gathering samples, taking corings, removing portions of building systems to allow for inspection, etc.   They will be working at a variety of sites around the downtown campus throughout the balance of this week.
    • In many instances, samples that are gathered will be subjected to laboratory testing to identify potential contamination, breakdowns of the material, corrosion, etc.
    • All the results will be sent back to the architects and engineers to be used as additional tools in completing the scope alignment process with FEMA.
  • With the replacement of a substantial portion of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment at the Dental School, the LSUHSC Facility Services personnel require significant training on the operations and proper maintenance of the newly installed equipment.
    • Gaudin Equipment & Supply and the mechanical sub-contractor conducted the 1st round of training on the various pumping systems that now serve the buildings. 
    • A second training session is scheduled to take place tomorrow at 8:30 AM.
  • The Dental School elevator contractor continued their repair work on Elevator # 2.
  • The architects working on the Dental School Campus restoration forwarded the final set of drawings for the repair and relocation of the Central Sterilization function to a 3rd floor location to LSUHSC for their review.
    • This plan will be prepared and submitted to FEMA as a Section 406 Hazard Mitigation project as soon as the cost estimates are completed by the design team.
  • The contactor resolved the power problem at the 440 Perdido St. parking lot.
    • JL Roberts has been contacted about the communication issues with the exit gate in the same lot. 
    • The Talk-a-Phones are to be programmed with phone numbers by LSUHSC Facility Services personnel so they can be tested on Thursday. 
    • JL Roberts is continuing their work on the repairs to the communication components covered by their contract.