Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

  • NOTICE: We have scheduled an upgrade to the Medical Education Building switchgear on March 30th, beginning at 6:00 PM and lasting approximately 8 hours.  This upgrade will relocate vulnerable breakers to a higher location within the existing switchgear.  The purpose of this upgrade is to minimize damage and downtime should we ever flood again.  This requires that the power to the building be turned off while the contractor works inside the switchgear.
    • The only power available will be emergency power for the emergency lighting, one elevator, morgue coolers, cafeteria coolers, and any devices plugged into emergency outlets. 
      • Please do not plug additional devices into the emergency outlets, as the circuits could be overloaded and trip everything. 
    • There will be no domestic water available to the floors 4 and above, which means that toilets will not be working and there will be no water at the faucets. 
      • Please do not attempt to use toilets or water at any faucets during the outage. 
    • Entergy will be on-site during the entire process, so that they can re-energize as soon as the work is completed.  We anticipate the work to be finished by 2:00 AM on Saturday, March 31st.  When the work is completed, the electrical services will be restored sequentially within the building. 
  • The LSUHSC Facilities personnel at the Dental School received addition training on more of the new equipment installed as part of the temporary repair projects.
    • The mechanical sub-contractor and US Filter provided training on the de-ionized water system.
    • Bergson Soft Water Systems gave a presentation on the ice water system and the soft water system.
  • The initial phase of the project to remove the ceiling tile grid from the Dental School Clinic and Administration buildings is progressing well.
    • The contractor finished removing all of the remaining grid and the related debris from the 8th Floor of the Clinic Building today and began removing the grid on the 2nd floor.
  • Temporary repair work is continuing at 1542 Tulane Ave.  
    • The contractor continues to run the 3 inch conduit to the vault in the basement.
    • The elevator contractor installed new floor decking in Elevator # 3.
    • The pipe insulation project continues. 
    • LSUHSC received some additional repair parts needed in the basement; steam valves, traps, and check valves.