Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Friday, June 29, 2007

NOTICE: There will be a building wide DI (de-ionized) water outage at the Clinical Sciences Research Building on Friday, June 29th from 6:00 PM until midnight.  The existing flat bottom DI holding tank will be removed and replaced with V- bottom tanks.           

  • This will complete the outstanding DI water repairs at the CSRB.  The new V-bottom tanks will make the DI water system at CSRB less susceptible to bacterial growth.

Section 406 Hazard Mitigation:

  • The design concepts for the permanent repairs and related Section 406 Hazard Mitigation work for three of the downtown campus buildings were submitted to GOHSEP for their review today.
    • The buildings are the Allied Health/Nursing Building, the Residence Hall, and the Resource Center .
    • If the State Section 406 expert concurs with the design concepts prepared by the architects, they will be forwarded to the FEMA 406 team for their review and initial concurrence.
    • If the FEMA 406 Team has no objections, the process will move to the 2nd phase where the architects prepare design & development documents and a formal cost estimate.  This will form the basis of the formal submission of the Section 406 Mitigation proposal.
  • FEMA has completed the preparation of the documents that recommend eligibility of the Section 406 measures that LSUHSC proposed to protect the many elevators around the campus and presented them for signature today.
    • The documents will now be forwarded to the Office of Facility Planning and Control for their concurrence and will then be processed by FEMA.
    • Bids will then be prepared to implement the proposed 406 measures:
      • The purchase and installation of an automated control system that will allow LSUHSC Facilities to control the height of the elevator cabs from a central location.  The controls will be set to elevate the cabs and cables above flood water levels.
      • The purchase and installation of float switches in the elevator pits that will sense water in the pits and automatically raise the elevator cabs out of harms way.

Dental School :

  • The Central Sterilization demolition has been completed.  The installation of new ducts and new piping is underway.
    • Core drilling is complete and the contractor is ready to begin framing the walls.
  • The ceiling grid installation is complete on the 2nd thru the 7th floors of the Clinic Building and continues on the 8th floor and on floors 2 thru 4 of the Administration Building. 
    • Ceiling tile installation continues on floors 2 thru 8 of the Clinic Bldg.
    • The HVAC reinstallation (flex duct and diffusers) continues on floors 2 through 7 in the Clinic Building. 
      • The HVAC reinstallation has begun in the Administration building.
    • The installation of drywall around the linear diffusers has begun on the 5th floor in the Clinic Building.
    • Light fixtures are being reinstalled on the 2nd thru the 8th floors as the ceiling grid is completed.   
  • Electrical repairs to damaged lights and junction boxes on the 6th and 7th floors are complete. 
  • Area samples for the 1st and 2nd floors of the Administration Building and for the 6th floor of the Clinic building came back clean. 
    • All of the floors in both buildings are now clean.
    • HVAC viable re-samples for the 5th, 6th, and 7th floors in the Clinic Building as well as the initial viable samples on the 8th floor AHU’s are expected back early next week.  Viable samples on the AHU’s in the Administration building are also expected early next week.
    • Air Handling units EL2-A and EL3-A in the Administration Building were turned on this morning, providing partial cooling to the 2nd,  3rd and 4th floors.  
  • Work is currently under way on the construction of the new network/telecom closets on floors 2 through 8 in the Clinic Building and on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Administration building.
    • The demolition of the old IT closets is complete in the Clinic Building and work has started in the Administration building.
    • Cores have been drilled and sleeves installed on all floors in the Clinic Building. 
    • The build out of the new closets including the installation of new plywood back planes, gypsum board and racks for the new network and telecom equipment continues.  
  • Chemical waste storage sheds were delivered and placed behind the Power Plant. 
  • Representatives of a testing company arrived on site to survey the roofs of the Clinic and Administration Buildings for the presence of moisture in the substrate. 
    • The presence and extent of moisture below the waterproof layers of the existing roofs will help to determine the extent of the damage to the roofs. 
    • The survey work is to be conducted on July 5th.

1542 Tulane Ave.:

  • Ordes installed the 110V receptacles for the auxiliary air dryers. 
  • Siemens delivered and stored parts and materials for the fire alarm panel and system devices. 

Student Parking Lots 2 & 3 Resurfacing:

  • The contractor has finished laying the 2nd layer of asphalt in Lot #3.
  • The final grading of Lot # 2 has been completed. 

Landscaping Project:

  • All of the planting beds around the CSRB and the memorial bench area are complete.