Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Friday, November 9, 2007

Permanent Building Repairs and Hazard Mitigation

  • FEMA has just approved a $9.2 million Project Worksheet for the permanent repairs and Section 406 Hazard Mitigation at the Lions/LSU Clinic Building.  This will be our 1st major building repair project funded by FEMA to be put under contract.  The project includes rebuilding the Isadore Cohn Learning Center on the 6th Floor to insure that it would not be damaged by any future flood events.  We will also elevate all of the building critical mechanical, electrical and plumbing components to protect them from flooding.  Most of this equipment will be placed on the 2nd Floor.  Repairs will be made to the roof, and portions of the 1st Floor will be repaired using finished that will withstand water and can be easily cleaned. 
    • The consolidated comments on the Construction Documents for the Lions/LSU Clinic Building permanent repairs and 406 Hazard Mitigation have been delivered to the architects to be incorporated into the bid documents.
      • Some additional documentation has been requested by FEMA to assist in preparing an additional version to the PW to address the projected construction costs.
    • We anticipate that the bid documents will be prepared shortly and that the bids will be advertised before the Thanksgiving holiday.  We are hopeful that a contract can be awarded and work can begin early in calendar year 2008.

1542 Tulane Ave.:

  • Ordes Electric disconnected the power from the fire pump motor and removed the motor.
    • It has been sent off to be rebuilt.
  • Stratos Elevator continues to run the control wiring for Elevator # 7.
    • The contractor also continues to install the temporary control wiring for the Elevator # 8 controllers.  This will allow them to call the elevator up or down and begin rebuilding the cab. 
    • Thomas Brand Siding began floating the walls on the 7th and 8th Floors in Stairwell B.
      • The contractor primed the ceilings and began priming the hand rails on Floors 4 – 8 in Stairwell D.

Dental School :

  • The Curviture ceiling installation is complete in the 1st Floor lobby of the Clinic Building with the exception of a few panels.
    • The contractor is waiting on a few additional chandeliers to arrive and to be installed before the last panels can be put in place. 
  • The fur downs have been finished and painted in the main lobby.
  • Siemens has completed the installation and connection of the controls for the new inline dampers in the Clinic Building. 
    • Landis has finished reinstalling the ceilings at the damper locations on Floors 6, 7, and 8 with the exception of one area on 7, where the damper for location (7BD) is on order.
    • They are now working on the 5th floor of the Clinic Building .

Landscaping Project:

  • Crews sprayed herbicide on the existing vegetation on the S. Roman St. side of the MEB at the entrance to the loading dock area in preparation to begin the re-landscaping in one week.