Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Friday, June 27, 2008

1542 Tulane Ave. :

  • The contractor continues to paint the ceiling and walls in the elevator lobby on the 1st Floor.
    • Crews are painting the corridor walls on the 1st Floor in the old section of the building on the I-10 side.
    • The contractor painted Room 112; the Womens restroom.
  • Securitas finished installing conduit and card readers at the loading dock on the 1st Floor.
    • The contractor is installing conduit for card readers at the roll-up gate for Shipping/Receiving and at the side exit in Stairwell C (middle corridor).
  • Hogue & Associates continues removing ballasts from old light fixtures and is disposing of the old fixtures.
    • The contractor is moving old light fixtures from the offices and corridors.
  • Zimmer-Eschette is relocating old furniture and boxes from the offices and corridors to temporary staging locations in the old section of the building.

Residence Hall 2nd Floor Renovations:

  • Demolition is on hold, waiting for closure of the walkway in order to continue the demolition at the exterior balcony.
  • The contractor is continuing with the installation of the new AHU.

MDL #5 Renovations:

  • The contractor completed demolition of existing casework and blackboard.
  • Plumbing is being demolished and new plumbing is being roughed in.

MEB Lecture Rooms A & B:

  • Trison continues to chip out concrete and workers are beginning to install the floor duct and the seal-tight conduit for the new podium.

 Dental School Terrazzo Floor Honing:

  • Premier Source has finished work on the 4th Floor crossover.
  • They have started honing the terrazzo on the 3rd Floor crossover and the 3rd Floor lobby in the Administration Building .