Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Friday, July 11, 2008

1542 Tulane Ave. :

  • Siemens continues to install duct detectors and program the installed detectors.
  • Stratos Elevator is replacing the elevator safeties for Elevator #7.
  • The contractor finished priming the stairwell along Tulane Ave. on the Charity side of the building.
  • Securitas is pulling the wiring for the new access control devices to the main network closet on the 2nd Floor.
  • Hogue & Associates continues to install the double-faced exit signs.
    • Floors 6 through 8 have been completed.
  • Premier Source Inc. continues to grind the terrazzo flooring along the center corridor on the 3rd Floor.

Library Commons Project:

  • Construction of the exterior walls around the interior staircase is underway. 
  • Materials for the temporary center handrails are on order. 
  • Auxiliary Enterprises has started roughing in the telecommunications wiring. 
  • Facility Services electricians continue to roughing-in the electrical service.

Downtown Perimeter Fence Project:

  • US Fence & Gate Co. began replacing the chain link cantilever gates in the Residence Hall Parking Lot.

Residence Hall Lobby Expansion:

  • Zimmer has nearly completed the demolition of the exterior flooring.
  • The new duct work continues to be installed.

MDL #5 Renovations:

  • The contractor completed framing above the ceiling and starting the plumbing demolition.

MEB Lecture A & B Enhancements:

  • Trison completed installing the floor duct and conduits in the trench and has refilled the trench with concrete.
  • Trison continues to install new electrical outlets in the mezzanine level and in the projector booth.

MEB Roof Replacement:

  • The installation of the metal capping on the parapet walls is now complete on the main roof and penthouses. 
  • The contractor is reworking the pitch pans under the steel beam supports on the main roof.

Lions/LSU Clinic Permanent Repairs and Mitigation:

  • CMI has poured the concrete in one elevator pit preparing it for the mortar to flood-proof the pit.
  • CMI has framed up the slab that will form the base of the new exterior stairwell.
    • Crews are installing reinforcing wire and rebar and preparing for the slab to be poured.
  • The new AHUs have been piped in on the 1st and 6th Floors.
  • The contractor and subcontractors are working on the 6th Floor; hanging sheetrock, floating the sheetrock, and continuing with the mechanical and electrical rough in.
  • The contractor is floating the new sheetrock on the 7th floor.

MEB 2nd Floor Lobby Renovations:

  • The contractor is nearing the completion of the installation of the fur out that will be used to attach the sheetrock covering the existing tile walls.  
  • The fur down from the ceiling is complete on the Perdido Street side of the lobby. 
  • The old tiles have been removed from the columns and the attached concrete beams.
  • Sheetrock was delivered and the electrical work continues. 
  • Framing of the new wall by Medical Center Stores has begun. 
  • A temporary reference wall has been constructed on the Campus Office Stores side of the lobby.