Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, August 14, 2008


1542 Tulane Ave. :

  • The contractor began framing up the new walls in the 7th Floor lounge.
  • The contractor continued site grading in the front of the building.
    • They constructed forms for the new sidewalk. 
  • Stratos continues working on Elevator #4.
  • Zimmer personnel continue patching walls and painting on the 5th Floor.
  • The demolition of the 3rd and 4th Floor annex interiors is progressing.
  • The work to dry proof the light well enclosures continued.
  • LSUHSC Facility Services continued installing locksets and working on maintenance items throughout the building.


Downtown Perimeter Fence Project:

  • The sample of the pre-cast concrete that LSUHSC will evaluate shipped today.


Dental School Campus:

  • The nuclear moisture survey data has been received. 
    • In sections of the roofs where significant amounts of moisture were present, the contractor began removing the roofing materials and replacing them.
  • The roofing contractor continues to work on punch-list items, including caulking and weather-proofing.
  • Needham is installing umbrellas around the bases of the exhaust fan supports.


Dental Campus Lab Renovations:

  • The crews are removing wall panels and ductwork from the affected areas on the 8th Floor.
  • They are removing the old cabinets and lab benches from Rooms 6335 and 6333.


Dental Campus Auditoriums A&B Renovations:

  • CS & Associates finished removing the existing domestic water connections in the auditoriums.
  • The electrical sub-contractor (E & J Electric) is removing old electrical and telecommunications wiring.


Library Commons:

  • LSUHSC electricians installed conduit for the new lighting in the Café Lounge area.
    • Other personnel began removing old braces and straps from the ceiling deck.
  • Auxiliary Enterprises continues pulling new wires for network access.



  • The electricians completed installing light fixtures in the main room.
    • They began working on lights in the three storage rooms.
  • The contractor began relocating sprinkler heads to accommodate the new ceiling design and layout.
  • Crews began installing new HVAC grilles and return grilles in the ceiling grid.


MEB 2md Floor Lobby:

  • The contractor continues taping and floating the new sheetrock.


MEB 4th Floor Ceiling Replacement:

  • The contractor began installing new ceiling grid in the student lounge area on the Roman St. side of the building. 
  • They finished taping and floating sheetrock ceilings in both student lounge areas.
  • The contractor started relocating sprinkler heads to accommodate the new ceiling grid in the rear and center corridors.