Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance



NOTICE: There will be a building-wide air conditioning outage at the Clinical Education Building - 1542 Tulane Avenue - starting at 6:00 PM on Friday, September 18th, and lasting until 6:00 PM on Saturday, September 19th.  Contractors will be installing isolation valves to facilitate the replacement of the fan coil unit for the 2nd Level Garage Corridor project. At the same time, Facilities will be installing isolation valves and strainers on the 7th floor.  During this outage, the building will have no air conditioning.


NOTICE: Testing of the Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) in all of the buildings will take place on Friday, September 18th, and Saturday, September 19th.  This testing is needed in order to verify proper operation of the emergency power during any loss of normal power.  This involves the emergency generators which provide the emergency power and the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) which switches the emergency power to specific pieces of equipment or panels.        


Normal power will not be affected – if something is plugged into a non-emergency outlet, during this test there will be no interruption of power.  Items plugged into emergency outlets will experience a momentary outage as the generator energizes and the ATS switches, and again when the process reverses. Any sensitive devices plugged into emergency outlets should have power conditioners or a UPS to avoid the power spikes that can occur during power outages. 


The testing of the elevator ATS will cause a momentary interruption of power from normal to emergency and then again back to normal.  The entire cycle is about a minute long.  The elevators will return to normal operation once the ATS switches back to normal power.  The elevators will be checked to be sure that they are operating properly after elevator ATS test in each building. 


Residence Hall ATS testing will start at 9:00 AM on Friday, September 18th.  Sister Stanislaus Memorial Hall ATS testing will follow at 10:00 AM.   


The Saturday testing will begin with the Lions/LSU Clinics Building at 6:00 AM, completing by 6:30 AM.  The other buildings downtown will follow - Medical Education Building , Clinical Sciences Research Building , Allied Health/Nursing, Resource Center , Central Plant/S. Roman Street Garage.  The testing will then move to the Dental School Buildings on the City Park Campus and complete by 12:00 noon.  


In addition to emergency power and elevators, the Resource Center Building ATS for the 7th floor UPS and emergency power for A/C on the 7th floor will also be affected.  However, power and services will return to normal immediately following the testing.   


The Roman Street Garage and Central Plant ATS will cause the University Police station to experience a momentary interruption of the emergency power during the transfers.         



  • The contractor removed the ductwork for the existing fan coil unit in Room 203.



  • Facility Services continued demolition in and around the T-lot in preparation for landscaping.



  • Facility Services continued monitoring the temporary A/C units in the 4th and 5th Floor Quadrant C (corner of Bolivar Street and MEB loading dock).
  • The contractor completed installing ductwork, piping and insulation for AHU 5-C.
  • Workers installed ceiling tiles in the hallway outside of Mechanical Room 5-C.
  • They completed installing ductwork for AHU 4-C.
  • Crews continue with the piping installation on AHU 4-C. 



  • The contractor continued installing countertops in Rooms 7221, 7241, 7244, and 7250.
  • Crews began installing ceiling tiles in Rooms 7221 and 7250.



  • Chairs and stools were delivered.
  • The contractor continued troubleshooting the fire alarm panel.