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LSU Health New Orleans at LaMOM 2018

LSU Health New Orleans Dental Faculty & Students Support Mission of Mercy

Nine hundred thirty-one people, some of whom probably hadn’t seen a dentist in years, left the Louisiana Mission of Mercy (LaMOM) event held January 19-21 in Baton Rouge smiling. More

Dr. David Polhemus

LSU Health New Orleans Medical Student Profiled by Prestigious AHA Journal

David Polhemus, PhD, a recent grad of LSU Health New Orleans School of Graduate Studies now in his first year of medical school at LSU Health New Orleans, uses failure as motivation, saying it pushes him to work even harder. More

Dr. Sunyoung Kim

Global Entrepreneur

The US State Department and Small Business Administration selected Sunyoung Kim, PhD, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, to represent the United States at the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit. More


Cold or Flu?

A cold and the flu have some similar symptoms. Early in the course, telling them apart may be harder, especially at this time of year. More


LSUHealthNO Contributes to 1st-Of-Its-Kind Study of Upper Aerodigestive Cancers

Using data interpreted by LSU Health New Orleans’ Louisiana Tumor Registry, a case-control study found for the first time that older people who have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) are at higher risk for cancers of the upper respiratory and digestive tract. More

Dr. Sunyoung Kim

Botox for Acne? and Other LSU Health New Orleans Inventions

How did a pediatric neurologist and an ENT (ear, nose and throat) physician invent a new technology poised to make a huge impact in the field of dermatology? More

homeless vet sketch

Well Versed

A 4th-year student at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine has won the 2017 Pharos Poetry Competition. Marc M. Beuttler’s poem, “H & P” about a poignant encounter with a homeless veteran, took first place in the annual national contest and is available online. More

Dr. J. Christian Winters

LSU Health New Orleans Faculty Recognized as 2017 Best Doctors and Top Dentists

LSU Health New Orleans physicians and dentists make up a significant portion of both the Best Doctors 2017 and Top Dentists 2017 lists published by New Orleans Magazine. More

LSU Health dental students in Mexico

The Gift of a Smile

Over their summer break, fifteen rising 4th-year LSU Health New Orleans dental students traveled to Atoyac de Alvarez, a village in Guerrero in southwest Mexico, to volunteer their time and skills to those in need. More


10 Million Reasons that Treatment of Cancers Caused by Viruses May Advance

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences has awarded LSU Health New Orleans a $10 million grant over five years to support new basic research studies advancing the development new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for virus-induced cancers. More

solar eclipse

How to Safely Watch Solar Eclipse 2017

On August 21, 2017, people in the United States will have the opportunity to see one of nature's most awesome sights -- a total eclipse of the sun. More

Zika mosquito

LSU Health New Orleans Neurologist Helping Shape Global Zika Response

The Exscien Corporation of Louisville, KY, in conjunction with LSU Health New Orleans Cardiovascular Center of Excellence, has been awarded an SBIR Fast-Track grant in the amount of $3.7 million over three years by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. More


$3.7 Million Grant to Fund Research on Novel Drug Targeting Heart Diseases

LSU Health New Orleans Camp Tiger is a summer day camp for children with special needs that is planned, organized and staffed by LSU Health New Orleans medical students. More

Stop Smoking

LSUHealthNO Public Health Cancer Plan to Reduce LA Cancer Deaths

LSU Health New Orleans School of Public Health’s Louisiana Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan 2017-2021 provides a roadmap to reduce cancer deaths in Louisiana over the next five years. More


LSUHealthNO Research Finds Walnuts May Promote Health by Changing Gut Bacteria

Research led by Lauri Byerley, PhD, RD, Research Associate Professor of Physiology at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, has found that walnuts in the diet change the makeup of bacteria in the gut, which suggests a new way walnuts may contribute to better health. More

Dr. Paul Harch with patient in hyperbaric chamber

O2 & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Reverses Brain Damage in Drowned Toddler

Dr. Paul Harch, Clinical Professor and Director of Hyperbaric Medicine at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, and Dr. Edward Fogarty, at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine, report the case of the reversal of brain volume loss in a two-year-old drowning victim unresponsive to all stimuli. More

LSUHealthNO Camp Tiger

LSUHealthNO Camp Tiger - Something Truly Special

LSU Health New Orleans Camp Tiger is a summer day camp for children with special needs that is planned, organized and staffed by LSU Health New Orleans medical students. More

LSU Health New Orleans medical student white coat

Medical Students' Rite of Passage

The Class of 2020 at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine received their white coats at the 2017 Medicine White Coat Ceremony. More

Geaux Baby, Geaux

Geaux Baby, Geaux!

It didn’t take some of them long to figure out how to make their cars go, but steering was a different story. More

March for Science

Marching for Science

LSU Health New Orleans faculty in Genetics, Pharmacology, Medicine and Public Health, were among the thousands who marched for science here in New Orleans on Earth Day. More

carcinoid tumor

LSUHealthNO Medical Student to Spend a Year Doing Research at NIH

Russ Guidry, a student at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, is one of only about 50 medical students in the country chosen to participate in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Medical Research Scholars Program. More

Boy Scouts Public Health Badge

Scouting Public Health

Thirty-three boy scouts from troops in Louisiana and Mississippi were on their feet trying to find a hip hop beat on a recent Saturday morning at LSU Health New Orleans. More

LSUHealthNO Pollen Counting Station

Achoo! Counting the Culprits

The signs of the season, the Spring Allergy Season that is, have been painting the town yellow for weeks. Pollen, pollen and more pollen have been coating everything from cars to shoes. More

Daspletosaurus horneri

Discovery of New Predatory Dinosaur Species Gives New Insight on Their Evolution

Jayc Sedlmayr, PhD, Assistant Professor of Cell Biology & Anatomy at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans School of Medicine, was part of an international team of scientists who discovered a new tyrannosaur with an unusual mode of evolution. More

Cancer in LA Supplement

LSUHealthNO’S LA Tumor Registry Now Includes Prevalence Data

For the first time, data published by LSU Health New Orleans School of Public Health’s Louisiana Tumor Registry includes cancer prevalence. More

Match Day 2017

The Envelope, Please

The contents of the envelopes presented to LSU Health New Orleans graduating medical students during the Match Day 2017 celebration revealed great news for the students and the State, as well as some concerns. More


Tomorrow's Doctors

About 25 middle school students from metropolitan New Orleans schools got hands-on science and health experience during STEM NOLA Day on a recent Saturday at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine. More

Meet LSU Health New Orleans' 610 Stomper!

You just never know what lurks in the heart of a mild-mannered academic. Watch! More

tornado damage

Tornado Relief Fund Application Available

The application to receive funds from the LSU Health Foundation Tornado Relief Fund is now posted. More


Giving Kids a Smile

“It wasn’t scary.” And that was a revelation to Se Maj, a third-grader at ReNew McDonough City Park Academy after having her teeth examined and cleaned. More

tornado damage

After the Tornado

James Diaz, MD, DrPH, Professor and Director of Environmental/Occupational Sciences at LSU Health New Orleans School of Public Health, offers advice to work safely and protect your health while cleaning up tornado damage. More

Dental Pajama Party

PJs Fashion a New Dental Experience

Pajamas were de rigueur the evening of January 25 at LSU Health New Orleans School of Dentistry. Patients, students and faculty sported their comfiest and cutest PJs at the celebration welcoming the leadership of Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children, the charitable arm of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. More

Dr. Robert Zura

LSUHealthNO’s Zura Helps Address International Need

Robert Zura, MD, Professor and Chair of Orthopaedics at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, served as the course director of the 3rd Trauma Conclave in India. More

Dr. Charlie Brown

The Passing of a Legend

Dr. Charlie Brown, Emeritus Professor of Public Health, died over the weekend. Though he lived a long and very full life, it was way too soon. More

premature infant

Test for Early Diagnosis of Life-Threatening Preemie Disease Advances

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has chosen an LSU Health New Orleans team that developed a test for the early detection of a potentially life-threatening gastrointestinal disease affecting pre-term, low birthweight babies to receive expert guidance to move the technology forward. More

Day with the Docs

Shaping the Future

If you think getting nearly a hundred high school students and teachers from multiple schools in multiple parishes to travel 150+ miles first thing in the morning and arrive on time, at the same time is an easy feat, just imagine the logistics involved. More

Dr. William Robinson

Training to Reverse Opioid Overdoses

If you asked LSU Health New Orleans’ Dr. William Robinson what he was doing on a recent Wednesday, he’d tell you, “I was training 500 police officers on opioid overdoses, in a church, with a disco ball, that used to be an A & P.” More

Dr. Melinda Sothern

Sothern Shares Expertise with a Worldwide Audience of Public Health Professionals

Tulane University Prevention Research Center and Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health didn’t have to go very far to find the best expert to present a webinar on childhood obesity for the American Public Health Association. Melinda Sothern, PhD, CEP, Professor of Public at LSU Health New Orleans School of Public Health, is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the causes, management and prevention of obesity in children. More

Dr. Corey Hebert

Hebert Honored for Humanitarian Achievements

The New Orleans Council for Community and Justice (NOCCJ) selected Dr. Corey Hebert, Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, as one of five recipients of this year’s Weiss Award. More

Women of the Year

Morrell Carter a Woman of the Year

Desiree Morrell Carter, MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, was recognized at the annual CityBusiness Women of the Year luncheon on November 3, as a member of the 2016 class of honorees. More


Getting into the Spirit: A Safe & Healthy Halloween

LSU Health New Orleans faculty, staff and students really got into the Halloween spirit this year, showing off costumes from the frightful to the fanciful. In true New Orleans fashion, we love to dress up! More

Students for Sustainability

LSU Health Helps Kick Off Night Out Against Crime

The highlight of the 2016 Night Out Against Crime Kick-Off for public health graduate student Kristin Cornwell was when she convinced a Central City resident who said she didn’t eat vegetables to try an organic baby carrot and became an instant convert. More

beauty skin deep breast cancer outreach

LSU Health New Orleans Teaches Breast Cancer Early Detection in Beauty Salons and Barbershops

The LSU Health New Orleans Office of Community Relations teamed up with LSU Health New Orleans public health professionals to bring potentially life-saving education to places filled with both women and men every weekend. More

PA Week

LSU Health New Orleans Celebrates PA Week

PA Week, celebrated this year October 6 - 12, recognizes the contributions that physician assistants make to health. As part of health care teams with physicians and other health care professionals, physician assistants practice medicine and prescribe medications. More

Mission of Mercy

Mission of Mercy Brings Dental Care to Hundreds

LSU Health New Orleans School of Dentistry teamed up with the Louisiana Dental Association and volunteer dentists from around the country to provide dental services for underserved people in the greater New Orleans area. More

Finest of its Kind

LSU School of Medicine and Health Sciences Center Mark 85 Years of Serving Louisiana

LSU School of Medicine welcomed its very first class on October 1, 1931. Founded by Governor Huey P. Long to provide more physicians for the state and improve access to health care, the Medical Center was hailed as "the finest of its kind." More

Dr. Scott Delacroix

Cancer Clinical Trials Program Brings Rx Advances to More

Members of the statewide cancer clinical trials network that grew out of a grant from the National Cancer Institute to LSU Health New Orleans came together recently to celebrate a milestone. More

psychedelic mushroom

LSUHealthNO Research Reveals How Psychedelics Alter Brain Function with Innovative Method

Surprising findings of LSU Health New Orleans research on the brain’s response to psychedelic drugs include that psychedelics directly activate only about 5% of brain cells, even in the most highly responding areas of the brain. More

LSUHSC School of Nursing

LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing Earns Top Rankings

The School of Nursing at LSU Health New Orleans has been ranked the #9 nursing school in the United States, the #5 nursing school among public nursing schools nationally and the #2 nursing school in the Southeast region. More

grad students delivering donations

Starting with Service

Students at LSU Health New Orleans School of Graduate Studies begin their postgraduate education by serving others. Every year, Graduate Studies faculty organize an outreach effort during the orientation of the first-year students. More

flood relief donations

Paying it Forward

For Marirose Bernard and Nicole Koppi, August 29 now has a positive association to help temper their horrific memories of the date of the worst man-made residential disaster in American history. More
flood clean-up

Paying it Back

In August 2005 when the LSU Health New Orleans School of Dentistry was stewing in the floodwaters resulting from the failure of the federal floodwalls after Katrina, the people of the Baton Rouge metropolitan area rolled out the welcome mat. More

Dental School Students Say Thanks in Their Own Special Way

For the second year in a row, students at LSU Health New Orleans School of Dentistry pulled out their big pots on an August Sunday morning to cook for a cause. They turned a celebration tradition into a celebration of service. More

The Mind's Eye

When fine artist Taryn Moller Nicoll’s Coast Guard Rescue Diver husband sustained injuries requiring surgery and an extensive recovery process, her artistic sensibility took a decided turn. To understand what was happening with him, she began to consider the minute physical processes involved in both trauma and healing. More

Capturing Young Minds

Imagine jumping into a virtual scenario where it's up to you to save a life. The patient has stopped breathing and flatlines. "Asystole!" Defibrillator paddles are thrust into your hands, as you lean into the table, calling out, "Clear!" But you're not sitting in front of your computer playing a video game– you're in an operating room in one of the most sophisticated medical simulation learning laboratories in the world. And you're only 14 years old. More
Dr Christopher Parsons

HIV Cancer Care

Treatment advances have turned HIV/AIDS from a virtual death sentence to a chronic, manageable disease, but many cancers arise more commonly for these patients, and cancer now represents one of the leading causes of illness and death for people with HIV/AIDS. More