LSU Health Sciences Center Human Resource Management

Performance Evaluations

A performance evaluation for every personal, professional, consulting or social service contract shall be prepared by the using agency in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 39:1500. The performance evaluation shall be retained by the using agency for all contracts approved under delegated authority. For all other contracts, the performance evaluation shall be submitted to the VCAF Office at 433 Bolivar Street, or via email to, or faxed to 504-568-7399 ATTN: Contracts.  The performance evaluation shall be submitted NO later than 60 days after the completion of performance, and no contract may be entered into by any using agency with any contractor for which a delinquent final evaluation report remains outstanding.

Below is a suggested sample of the type of performance evaluation to be prepared by the Agency and contains the minimum information required by law.

Performance Evaluation with Directions

Performance Evaluation (PDF)

Performance Evaluation (Word)