LSU Health Sciences Center Human Resource Management

LSU System Dental Plans

Employees appointed to work a minimum of 30 hours (75%) per week with an appointment extending beyond 120 days are eligible to participate in the Dental Plan.    You may enroll on or within 30 days after the effective date of the Policy, or on or within 30 days of your employment or completion of any employer requested probationary period (if you are employed after the effective date of the policy).   Once enrolled, you must maintain coverage for a full pan year. Premiums are eligible for tax shelter through the Cafeteria Plan. 

There are two dental options to select from and both are through Dearborn National Insurance.

  • Option 1 - Enhanced Plan - Annual maximums for Dental services ($2,000/person/calendar year) and Orthodontic benefits ($1,500 lifetime maximum).  Plan pay a percentage of charges based on category of services received.

  • Option 2 - Basic Plan - Annual maximums for Dental services ($1,500/person/year) and no orthodontic benefits.  Plan pays a flat fee based on procedure code.  Use of contracted provider will lower out of pocket cost.

Plan benefits:

  • Freedom to select the dentist of your choice or select from the list of contracted providers offering reduced costs for their services.  Most dentists will complete the necessary paperwork and file the claims for you.

  • No pre-existing condition limitations.

  • Pre-determinations are not required before major services are performed.  This allows delivery of necessary care immediately.

  • Orthodontics Services offered under Option 1 Enhanced Plan subject to $1,500 lifetime maximum.


  • No pre-existing condition restrictions.

  • Voluntary access to contracted providers to help curb costs and save you money.   To locate a dentist, please visit or call group customer service at 888-758-6979.

  • Complete freedom of choice in choosing provider.

  • 100% coverage of reasonable and customary charges for preventive care.

  • Children through age 25 eligible for coverage.


 Coverage Level

Basic Plan Premium

Enhanced Plan Premium

Employee Only

$17.88 monthly

$28.36 monthly

Employee + Spouse

$33.60 monthly

$55.48 monthly

Employee + Child(ren)

$46.45 monthly

$67.44 monthly


$62.16 monthly

$94.55 monthly

Please click on the links below for more information on the plans and the enrollment forms.   All enrollment cards should be sent back to Human Resource Management - Benefits Section,  433 Bolivar Street Room 608, New Orleans, LA 70112.