LSU Health Sciences Center Human Resource Management

Annual and Sick Leave

Annual leave is granted to an employee for rest and relaxation and to attend to personal matters.  Annual leave should be requested in advance, if possible, and must be approved by the employee's supervisor. 

A former state employee re-employed in state service within five years from the date of termination will have all unused/unpaid sick and annual leave reinstated.


An employee will not be charged sick or annual leave if a paid holiday occurs on the day the employee is on sick or annual leave.

Sick leave with pay is granted to employees suffering with a temporary disability which prevents them from performing their duties and responsibilities or for medical, dental, or optical consultation and/or treatment.

Sick leave cannot be advanced.


Annual Leave - Faculty and Unclassified Staff

Full-time faculty and unclassified employees earn  sick and annual leave, however, full-time faculty and unclassified employees have an option of choosing between the LSU System  or Civil Service leave schedule (Leave Accumulation Table, see below).  Appointments must be greater than 50% of full time to be eligible to earn leave.  Period of Appointment (POA) employees do not earn leave.  Eligible part-time employees will earn a pro-rated amount of annual and sick leave based on the employee's percent of effort.

Eligible academic and unclassified employees on a fiscal year appointment have the choice of accruing leave under either the LSU System Leave Policy or the Civil Service Schedule.   Below is a chart that compares the two systems

                              LSU System Schedule

Civil Service Schedule

of Service Accrual Rate Per Month Maximum Leave Balance Accrual Rate Per Month Maximum Leave Balance
0-3 14 Hours 176 hours/22 days 8 hrs/12 days per year No limit
3-5 14 Hours 176 hours/22 days 10 hrs/15 days per year No limit
5-10 14 Hours 176 hours/22 days 12 hrs/18 days per year No limit
10-15 14 Hours No limit 14 hrs/21 days per year No limit
15 and over 16 hours No limit 16 hrs/24 days per year No limit


Things to Consider:

  • Accrual rate is higher under the LSU Leave System, but the maximum accrual of annual leave is limited to 176 hours (22 days) during the first 10 years of service.

  • There is no limit on the amount of annual leave you are allowed to accrue under the Civil Service System.

  • The two systems are identical after 10 years of service.

  • Your choice of leave accrual plan is irrevocable and must be made within your first 30 days of employment.

  • Both systems allow for unlimited accrual of sick leave.


Classified Employees

All probationary and permanent Civil Service employees earn sick and annual leave.  Part-time Civil Service employees earn a pro-rated amount based on their percent of effort.  Below is the Civil Service Sick and Annual Leave Accrual Schedule.

Years of Service Sick and Annual Hours Earned Per Pay Period Approximate Days Earned Per Year
0-3 3.688 12 days annual/12 days sick
3-5 4.608 15 days annual/15 days sick
5-10 5.536 18 days annual/18 days sick
10-15 6.456 21 days annual/21 days sick
15 and over 7.384 24 days annual/24 days sick


Sick Leave - Faculty, Unclassified Staff, and Civil Service Employees

The accrual rate for sick leave is identical under the LSU System and the Civil Service System.  Sick leave is accrued based on the equivalent years of full-time service and is credited at the end of each regular pay period in accordance with the schedule below.

Years of Service Accrual Rate Maximum Balance
0-3 8 hrs per month/ 12 days per year No limit
3-5 10 hrs per month/15 days per year No limit
5-10 12 hrs per month/18 days per year No limit
10-15 14 hrs per month/21 days per year No limit
15 and over 16 hrs per month/24 days per year No limit


For more information on leave policies for Academic, Unclassified, and Classified Employees, please review PM-20.