2017 Sponsors

Benefits of Sponsorship

As a student-run community organization, the Camp Tiger Program is sustained primarily by the support of the local Southeast Louisiana community and by other beneficiaries from all over the country. Your dedication to the program through monetary donations and associated sponsorship is vital to the continuation of the camp each year. We truly appreciate the support of those that have supported the program. We look forward to continuing to work with any groups interested in sponsoring such a great organization as Camp Tiger. In humble gratitude, we offer Benefits of Sponsorship in accordance with the value of donation and giving supplied by our beneficiaries. Please consider these special tokens while deciding your quality of investment to the Camp Tiger Program. Once again, we thank you for your outstanding contributions to Camp Tiger.

A pamphlet with more information can be found

Sponsorship donations can be made

Diamond – $5,000

Student Interest Group for Music & Art

Gold – $2,500

Fluor Federal Petroleum Operations
LSUHSC Alumni Association

Silver – $1,000

Donna & Louis Levin, M.D.
LSUHSC Department of Information Technologies
Flannery Reilly O'Leary
Randall B. Humble
Brian & Ann Kay C Logarbo
J. Wayne & Jackie Leonard
The Alpaugh & Harrell Families
David & Dana Moore
Dr. Zee Ali
Callen & Coleen Hotard
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Romig
John D. Reeves, M.D.
Mrs. Debbie C. Wolfe
Peter & Karen Deblieux

Bronze – $500

Campus Federal Credit Union
New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery
Fidelity Investments
Al Copeland Investments
Mr. Scott M. Gioe
William D. Cass, Attorney At Law
Stantec Consulting Services Inc.
Women's Healthcare of Acadiana
Dr. & Mrs. Reynard C. Odenheimer
Kenneth B. Farris, M.D.
Dr. Charles Chappuis & Dr. Cynthia Glass
Sally Duplantier
Lakeview Regional Medical Center
Dr. Aravinda K. Rao
Dr. Lisa M. Jaubert
Drs. Richard DiCarlo & Susan Allen
Dr. Mason P. Gilfoil, Jr.
Capital Area Medical Society
Gramercy Elementary School

Blue Ribbon – $250

Brian J. Schiro, M.D.
David Kirsch & Trang Huynh
Dr. & Mrs. Jared A. Landry
Dr. & Mrs. Michael L. Odinet
Suma Maddox
Drs. Sam & Katherine McCluggage
Hages Agency
Drs. Jon & Cindy Strohmeyer
Drs. Reagan & Leslie Elkins
Mark R. Rice, M.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Boe, Jr.
Mrs. Marsha V Geudry
Russell Patrick Cecola, M.D.
Dr. Stuart G. Landry
Colin & Denise Campbell
Mr. B's Bistro
Visiting Pet Program
Larry & Frances Doiron
Todd H. Lambert
Mr. & Mrs. Randall McCarver
Mrs. Tanya Brown
Dr. Wayne A. Slocum
Dr. Lawrence L. Gensler
Ms. Rebecca P. Reeves
LSUHSC Foundation
Mr. Randy Kinchen
Ms. Jacki S. Fried
Gretchen Renee Helmstetter, CPA LLC
John T. Lindsey, M.D.
Dr. Leslie Lyons Brown
Dr. & Mrs. Eric D. Chapman
Ms. Christi Cass
Donald & June Lyle
Dr. James LaNasa III
Ms. Stephanie Ledet
Dr. & Dr. Daniel J Gallagher
Carrollton Avenue Church of Christ Members
Dr. & Mrs. Wilfred O. Prados III
Dr. Gregory J. Ardoin

Red Ribbon – $100

Andrew Nakamoto, M.D.
Jonathan Joseph, M.D.
Bohn, Joseph, & Swan Eye Center
Craig Combs
Dr. & Mrs. Albert C. Rees
Scott P. Gardiner, M.D.
James S. Ferriss, M.D.
Lois Rothwell, CPA
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Crumhold
Mr. John A. Keegan
Mr. John A. Kelley
Mr. Thomas G. Finicle, Jr.
Mrs. Debra Hasling
Sake, LLC - The Rusty Nail
Stephanie C. Aymond, M.D.
Thomas D. Morel, M.D.
Mark J Marino, M.D.
Travis & Claire Isbell
Drs. Marcy McAdoo & Pat Flanagan
Matt & Monica Guilbeau
Pivach, Pivach, Hufft, Thriffiley, & Dunbar, LLC
Fred and Catherine Gaupp
Andrew Mayer, M.D.
Douglas Madden
Dr. Tiffany S. Berry
Owen R. Seiler
Mr. & Mrs. David Guerry
Mrs. Christina Horsman
Mr. Sam Robinson
Dr. Laura S. Bonanno
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Finegan
Dr. Elizabeth Fritz
Mr. Paul J. Thriffiley III
Dr. Rachel P. Tyler
Mr. David T. Beyer
Mrs. Wendy Vitter
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Driscoll
Saint James Primary Care
Ms. Connie L. Lawrence
Dr. Sonia Gasparini
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur G. Tribou
Emelia Aucoin
Ignace Perrin
Nicholas Danna
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Derrickson
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Marino
Kenneth & Deborah Shuman
Kevin & Mary Darr