Constitution, Bylaws, Resolutions, Nominations, And Elections Committee

Neal Simonsen (SAHP), Chair
Suresh Alahari (SGS)
Lee Engel (SoM)
Rennie Jacobs (SAHP)
Lynn LaMotte (SPH)

Committee Charge
Constitution, Bylaws, Resolutions, Nominations and Elections Committee of the Senate shall consider and recommend to the Senate resolutions concerning matters of general interest to LSUHSC-NO faculty. It shall further consider, make recommendations on, and report to the Senate on matters pertaining to the amendment of the Constitution and Bylaws. It shall also organize a subcommittee of Senate members who are not candidates for reelection that shall propose a slate of officers for election for the upcoming year. Article V, Section 2, Letter D - Faculty Senate Bylaws, revised August 2008

Additional Information

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