Committee Coordinating Committee

Costa Dimitriades (SoM), ex officio Chair
Erin Dugan (SAHP)
Robin McGoey (SoM)
Scott Rubin (SAHP)

Committee Charge
Committee Coordinating Committee of the Senate shall maintain oversight of the structure, activities, and effectiveness of Senate and LSUHSC-NO-wide committees and councils in relation to responsibilities of the Faculty Senate. The Committee shall consult with and make recommendations to the Senate President regarding membership of standing and ad hoc committees of the Senate. It shall identify University-wide standing or ad hoc committees that include or appear relevant for inclusion of Faculty Senate-appointed representatives. In coordination with the Senate as a whole, the Committee will recommend faculty for LSUHSC-wide standing and ad hoc committees to the Chancellor. It shall monitor the proceedings of University-wide committees and report relevant activities and developments to the Senate. It shall also periodically review the activities and function of LSUHSC-wide and Senate committees and recommend changes in the configuration, structure or number of such committees as it deems appropriate. Article V, Section 2, Letter G - Faculty Senate Bylaws, revised August 2008

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