Education, Service, and Patient Care Committee

Stephen Brisco (SoD)
Erin Dugan (SAHP)
Theresa Nicholls (SAHP)
Randy Rosamond (SoN)
Todd Tartavoulle (SoN)

Committee Charge
Clinical Education, Service, and Patient Care Committee of the Senate shall consider, make recommendations on, and report to the Senate on matters pertaining to LSUHSC-NO clinical education, service, patient care and programs in any area appropriate to its purview. Article V, Section 2, Letter C - Faculty Senate Bylaws, revised August 2008

Additional Information
September 2010
Notes regarding Faculty Day of Service (pdf)

March 2010
Notes regarding Action Plan for the Committee (pdf)

March 2008
Notes from Student Misconduct Report (pdf)Notes from Student Clearances Report (pdf)



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