Information Technology Committee

formerly the Electronic Communications Committee (2003-2011)

Michael Levitzky (SoM), Chair
Dan Harrington (SPH)
Jennifer K. Lloyd (Ex-Officio)

Committee Charge
Information Technology Committee of the Senate shall consider, make recommendations on, and report to the Senate regarding matters pertaining to information technology at LSUHSC-NO including website content, organization, and function. It shall also be responsible for maintaining information on the Faculty Senate Website. Article V, Section 2, Letter F - Faculty Senate Bylaws, revised June 2011

Additional Information
October 2009 - Commitee Chair, Jennifer Lloyd reported that the proxy form is now available as a separate download from the FS website.
April 2009 - Committee Chair, Jennifer Lloyd reported that she had completed a major overhaul of the website; all frames have been eliminated from the website.
June 2007 - Committee Chair, Jennifer Lloyd recommended that no new members be assigned to this committee for the 2007-2008 fiscal year. The work can be done by a single individual.


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