Install Office Pro Plus for Mac

LSU Health Sciences Center is now licensed for students, faculty and staff to take advantage of Microsoft's Office Pro Plus software which is part of Office 365. Microsoft has made this software available to qualifying education organizations free of charge for students, faculty and staff with email addresses. Once this service is enabled for your account you will receive notification via email and you will be able to use your "" as your username and your LSUHSC password to log in to the Office 365 Portal and download your software. Each Office 365 user can  install up to 5 copies of Office Pro Plus software. This software is for your personal PCs, Macs and portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. This software should not be installed on LSUHSC owned equipment, your local supporter can help install Microsoft Office, features or updates. If you try and install a 6th copy you will have to remove a former install or deactivate a former install from the Office 365 portal.

Browse to Office 365


Enter your username in the form


When you tab or move your cursor to the password field your session will redirect to LSUHSC Identity Federation servers so that you can authenticate. Enter your username again in the form and enter your LSUHSC password.


If you are outside the network and not using VPN then your Identity Federation server authentication page will instead look like the page below. Once again enter your username in the form and enter your LSUHSC password.


Now you are logged into the portal and your operating system is recognized. Press the Install button to Install Office Pro Plus for Mac.


An installer file is downloaded. When the download is complete, open your downloads and open the installer program.


The installer launches. Click Continue.


Read the License and click continue.


Accept the terms of the License agreement by clicking Agree.


Optionally change the install location and then click continue.


The installer will close Safari. Click Close the application and Install.


The installation continues...


The installation was successful. Click Close.


After the installer finishes you are prompted to validate your installation of Office. Click Sign into an existing Office 365 Subscription.


Enter the same that you used to authenticate and download the software above and click Next.


Enter your LSUHSC password when prompted.


Allow or prohibit Microsoft Office from accessing your contacts.


Optionally update your Company name.


Get latest updates is recommended and optionally join the Customer Experience program.  Click Continue.


Office Pro Plus is successfully installed.



Note that if your Mac is connected to a network outside the LSUHSC network, it is likely you will have to use the LSUHSC Remote Access Portal (VPN) to network connect to the LSUHSC network before you can get Outlook on the Mac to connect to your mailbox.