LSUH.SC Short URL Request Form

Faculty, Staff, and Students can use the form linked below to request* short URL's which can be useful to make URL's easier to read and remember.

Short URL Request Form Details:

  • The form requires you to put in the original URL, the desired Short URL, school/area, justification of the request, and mention whether you will need the Short URL permanently. If you need the URL temporarily, for instance, only for an event or presentation, please mention a date after which the Short URL can be removed.

  • When requesting custom short URLs for schools, use the following 2 letter abbreviations:

ah - School of Allied Health Professions

ds - School of Dentistry

gs - Graduate School

ms - School of Medicine

ns - School of Nursing

ph - School of Public Health

Example: Short URL for can be requested as:

Note: If any characters are added between words such as: underscores (_), period (.), etc., Short URL conversion process will automatically remove the characters. Example: ah_home will be converted to ahhome.

  • If requesting a short URL for an institution-wide service, please note this in the request under the question for purpose.
  • Upon submission of the form an approval process will be initiated to verify that the short URL requested doesn’t conflict with an existing short URL and is acceptable. The requestor may be contacted by a member of the Web group if there are any questions about the request.
  • Users will be notified when the Short URL has been created and is ready for use.

If you have any questions, please contact