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Template Instructions

The template for the new LSU Health New Orleans website layout was created in ASP.NET. It currently consists of three DLLs in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) which reference css, xml, and xsl files, as well as a custom Content Management System (CMS) developed by the Custom Applications Group.   Advantages of creating the template in this way is that changes can be made quickly for the entire site saving time and users who wish to maintain a site with the new look have much less code to manage.  Adding the CMS makes it much easier for content editors to edit content without the need to have a vast array of technical knowledge.

LSU Health New Orleans Content Management System

Due to most users only needing to add static content to the web, most users who will be using the new template will be using the CMS for ease of use rather than Microsoft Visual Studio.Net (VS.NET).  We now have a CMS which can be configured for your needs.  Once configured, there should be very little that needs to be done in order for all of the pages across your breadth of control to maintain the same look and feel, and as a matter of fact, most pages using the new template with or without the CMS should have the same look and feel. For more information on the Content Management System, please visit the Content Management System web page.

Without the Content Management System

Not everybody editing pages will be able to use the CMS.  For developers building applications, it won't necessarily be possible to setup the CMS to edit pages.  For this reason, we have created instructions for using the new template when the CMS can not be used.  Please navigate using the menu to the left for further instructions on developing with ASP.NET with and without Visual Studio, as well as developing in something besides ASP.Net.