Environmental Health and Safety

LSUHSC-NO Driver Safety Program Training for Supervisors

Revised: November 7, 2018



This training is intended for all Deans, Assistant Deans, Department Heads, Directors, Assistant Directors, Business Managers, Assistant Business Managers, and any other positions that supervise other employees.

Goals for Training

The training is designed to ensure management and administration have a sound understanding of the requirements and responsibilities of the driver safety program, including:

Purpose of the Driver Safety Program

Regulatory Requirements



Driving on State Business

Driving on behalf of the University or “driving on state business” includes:

It Doesn't Matter If:

What Does Matter:

Could the State of Louisiana be sued by an injured party if this employee had an accident while driving?


Driver Qualification Process

Becoming Qualified to Drive takes Three Steps:

Step 1: Driver Education (DRED)

Step 2: DA 2054 Driver Authorization Form

All new employees are required to electronically complete, sign and submit a Driver Authorization Form (DA-2054). The form contains a statement affirming that the employee has and will maintain State required minimum liability insurance coverage on the vehicle they will be driving on official University business.

Step 3: Official Driving Record (ODR) Checks

Louisiana Drivers Licenses:

Out of State Driver’s License holders:

Employees with three or more moving violations or a conviction or nolo contendere plea for DWI, hit and run driving, vehicular negligent injury, reckless operation of a vehicle, or similar violation are considered high risk drivers and are not authorized to drive on behalf of the university.

Notification that Employee is Qualified to Drive

Driver Qualification Process Summary

In order for Employees to be Qualified to drive on behalf of the university:

More details on the Driver Qualification Process can be found on the EH&S website.

Moving Violations

Vehicle Accident Reporting

A vehicular accident is defined as any incident in which the vehicle comes in contact with another vehicle, person, object, or animal that results in death, personal injury, or property damage, regardless of: who was injured, what was damaged or to what extent, where it occurred, or who was responsible.

In the event of accident, we are required to send documentation to the Louisiana Office of Risk Management within 48 business hours (2 business days) of the accident.

Call the local Police to report the accident and obtain a traffic accident report when available. If the accident involves an LSUHSC-owned vehicle, occurred on LSUHSC grounds, or involved an injury or death, notify University Police at 568-8999 or 568-8270.

Complete and submit an on-line fillable DA 2041 form within 48 business hours (2 business days). Alternatively, to expedite submittal if the DA 2041 form has been completed by hand, it may be scanned and emailed to and

Include a copy of the local police traffic accident report with the DA 2041 submission. However, if the local police traffic accident report is not immediately available, submit the DA 2041 without it and follow-up later when received. Due to the time constraints on reporting, the DA 2041 can be submitted by either the employee or the supervisor.

To facilitate timely completion of the DA 2041, keep a hardcopy of the Vehicle Accident Reporting Quick Guide in your vehicle.

Completion of the DA 2000 form is not required for vehicle accidents.

Failure of a qualified driver to report any vehicular accident may be cause for suspension of Driver Authorization

The supervisor may consider what corrective action(s) may be necessary for accidents.

These requirements must be met whether the vehicle is government, personal or rental.

Management’s Responsibilities

Reviewing Employees' Qualified to Drive Status

At recurring intervals, school and department leadership and/or business managers receive reports from Environmental Health and Safety on the Qulified to Drive status of each of their employees. See the following example. These reports are broken down into three categories:

Note that Qualified to Drive status reports for School of Medicine Residents and Fellows are provided directly to the Office of Graduate Medical Education.  Resident Coordinators will then work to ensure compliance.

Know the status of your employees and ensure only those qualified to drive are permitted to drive on official university business.

Contact Raychelle Williams at or 568-4500 if you have any questions.

Travel and Accidents

Before approving any travel involving driving an automobile, validate that the person requesting travel is Qualified to drive under the Driver Safety Program.

Ensure that any and all accidents that occur while conducting university business are reported promptly (within 48 business hours (2 business days)).

Benefits of the Program

Employees who comply with the Driver Safety Program receive the following benefits:


If an Employee fails to comply with the University’s Driver Safety Program:

A Manager or Supervisor who knowingly allows an employee to drive on university business in violation of the Driver Safety Program:


Contact the Environmental Health and Safety Department

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