Diabetes Internal Medicine (DIME) Clinic

        The LSU DIME program provides patient-centered medical home care to high-risk often uninsured or under insured diabetic patients in the New Orleans area who receive their primary care at the LSU internal medicine residency outpatient clinic. High-risk patients are identified in a patient registry as having an HbA1c>9.
        Once identified, each patient has planned office visits every three months during which the patient is treated by a team that includes medical students, nursing students, social workers, pharmacy students and internal medicine residents to develop a patient-centered action plan to manage the patient's chronic disease. The pre and post discussions of patient care offer insight and experience into interprofessional care management. Students keep in contact with patients in between appointments by calling and discussing goals, action plans, medication needs, and other areas of concern. Students act as liaisons between other students and the resident primary care physician.
     Students and patients alike are provided with a unique and personalized multidisciplinary approach to medicine which provides not only a superior level of patient care, but also an unprecedented learning environment for local healthcare students.

Faculty Advisor: Mary Coleman, MD, PhD