Sensory Friendly Activities

SFA is a project that seeks to offer the LSUHSC student population with opportunities to volunteer with individuals developmental disabilities. In the past, SFA has collaborated with the Louisiana Children’s Museum and the Audubon Nature institute to develop themed events to facilitate sensory friendly fun through activities targeting different motor, sensory, and cognitive skills. As of February 2020, these two projects have been indefinitely postponed, but SFA initiated its newest event “Friday Night Out” in the Fall of 2019, and this program is still running strong.

Friday Night Out

Volunteer Information:

Friday Night Out is a socialization opportunity for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or developmental disabilities held on select Friday nights throughout each semester. The event gives its participants the chance to hang out with some other people their age hailing from several of the different LSUHSC programs, using all of our various experiences to create a comfortable night of fun with activities including: board games, arts and crafts, and a movie room. Anticipated FNO dates for Spring 2020 are March 13th and April 17th, from 5pm-8:30pm, in the Lions building 6th floor lobby. 

If you would like to stay updated about FNO, please sign up for the FNO email list using the following link. We send out the form to sign up for each event to the people on our email list about two weeks in advance:

Participant Information: 

At each Friday Night Out event, participants check in and are paired with a buddy for the night. From there, participants can choose to participate in arts & crafts or board games, set up at various tables in one large space. If they prefer to watch a movie, they can head to the movie room, where several participants and volunteers will watch the movie (always rated G or PG) picked for the night. If a participant is the only person choosing the movie room activity, they are welcome to select whatever movie they like from our collection.

For those who may be overstimulated in our larger spaces, we have several smaller rooms that allow for smaller group activities. These rooms sit 12 people, so they are not inherently small rooms, but they give us the option to move overstimulated participants into a calmer, quieter setting. In these rooms we can bring in the arts & crafts, board games, or even our spare movie projector. The smaller rooms therefore cater to all of the other activities FNO offers, just on a smaller scale.

All of our events will be held on the 6th floor of the Lions Eye Center at 2020 Gravier St. New Orleans, LA 70112.

If participants would like to sign up to attend an event, please fill out the following link: 



For any questions, please reach out to Friday Night Out coordinators Madeleine Robert and Hira Hasan or IPSA representative Haley Knight.

Madeleine Robert —

Hira Hasan —

Haley Knight —


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