HRP-2200 FORM Request for Review of PHI Preparatory to Research 1.1
HRP-2201 FORM Local Context Survey 1.0
HRP-2220 FORM Event Tracking Log 1.0
HRP-2250 TEMPLATE Standard Consent Template - Complete Instructions 1.1
HRP-2251 TEMPLATE Standard Consent Template - Minimal Instructions 1.1
HRP-2252 TEMPLATE Short Consent Form - English 1.0
HRP-2253 TEMPLATE Short Consent Form - French 1.0
HRP-2254 TEMPLATE Short Consent Form - Spanish 1.0
HRP-2254C TEMPLATE Short  Consent Form - Spanish (for Studies at CHNOLA) 1.0
HRP-2255 TEMPLATE Short Consent Form - Vietnamese 1.0
HRP-2257 TEMPLATE Emergency Use of a Test Article Consent Template 1.1
HRP-2257C TEMPLATE EUTA Consent Template (for Studies at CHNOLA) 1.0
HRP-2258 TEMPLATE HUD Treatment Consent Template 1.4
HRP-2259 TEMPLATE Exempt Research Information Sheet 1.2
HRP-2260 TEMPLATE Case Report Consent Template 1.1
HRP-2261 TEMPLATE Biorepository Consent Template 1.0
HRP-2262 TEMPLATE Pregnant Partner Consent Template 1.0
HRP-2300 LETTER Cetification of Research on Decedent Information 1.1
HRP-2301 LETTER Independent Physician's Certification: Emergency Use of a Test Article Without Informed Consent  1.1