HRPP Institutional Review Board (IRB)

LSUHSC-NO’s Human Research Protection Program and Institutional Review Board (IRB) are responsible for reviewing all research projects involving the use of human subjects, with the purpose of protecting the rights and welfare of individuals participating in those projects. It is the policy of LSUHSC-NO that all projects involving human beings and/or information or tissue collected from human beings must be presented to the IRB for a determination as to whether: 1) the project is human subjects research, 2) the human subjects research project can be given Exempt status under the Federal regulations, or 3) the human subjects research project must have IRB review, approval, and continued oversight.

 I.  IRB Policies and Procedures

  • IRB LISTSERV (IRB_UPDATES-AND-ANNOUNCEMENTS): This LISTSERV will be used to update everyone involved in human subjects research of new information and/or updates to HRPP and IRB policies and procedures. All study team members must join this LISTSERV before new or re-approval IRB applications will be processed. To subscribe, click on: http://www.listserv.lsuhsc.edu/scripts/wa.exe?INDEX. Should you have difficulty subscribing, contact Lynn Arnold (larnol@lsuhsc.edu) to assist you in subscribing to the LISTSERV..

II.  IRB Application

A. Submit one of the following IRB Application forms. Click on How to Submit for instructions on how to start the application process and for clarification for which version of the following IRB Application is appropriate for your research.

  1. Exempt Research Application - The determination of exempt status can only be made by the IRB; therefore, the researcher must apply for exemption from IRB approval and oversight. If the exemption is granted, the PI must still submit an annual status report.
  2. Minimal Risk (Expedited) Research Application - The researcher must demonstrate in the application how the proposed activities fall into one or more of the categories eligible for expedited review. Studies deemed appropriate for Expedited Review will be considered by the Chair and/or designee.
  3. Greater than Minimal Risk (Full Board Review) Research Application - Greater than minimal risk as defined in 45CFR46 and 21CFR50. These applications require review by the full committee at a convened meeting.
  4. Central IRB (CIRB) Application   - Utilize when the LSUHSC-NO IRB will be the RELYING IRB for a study involved in a LSUHSC-NO acknowledged consortium or CIRB program (SmartIRB, IRBchoice, PETAL...). This application should not be used for NCI CIRB onocolgy studies. If the LSUHSC-NO IRB will be considered as the Lead/Primary IRB, use the standard application listed above as 1,2 or 3. NEW 7/28/2017

B. Submit both of the following required forms with the IRB application:

  • Demographic Form - Use during approval process only. AFTER study is approved, use post-approval Change in Personnel Form. Updated 7/28/2017
  • COI Team Member Form - required for every study.

C. Other IRB and HIPAA forms that may be required during the application process include:

D. Submit an IBC Application for the research project. Click here for IBC webpage.

III.  Post-approval IRB forms:

IV.  Training and Other Institutional Requirements

 V. LSUHSC-NO Human Subjects Protection Program – Emergency Readiness

When Conducting Research at Ochsner Health System Facilities

When Conducting Research at Children’s Hospital

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