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Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) 00002762 approved 01/11/2011; expires 02/21/2023

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IORG0000108 expires 02/23/2021


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LSUHSC-NO’s Human Subjects Research Protection Program (HRPP) and Institutional Review Board (IRB) are responsible for reviewing all research projects involving the use of human subjects, with the purpose of protecting the rights and welfare of individuals participating in those projects. It is the policy of LSUHSC-NO that all projects involving human beings and/or information or tissue collected from human beings must be presented to the IRB for a determination as to whether: 1) the project is human subjects research, 2) the human subjects research project can be given Exempt status under the Federal regulations, or 3) the human subjects research project must have IRB review, approval, and continued oversight.


IRB Policies and Procedures

  • HRPP IRB Policies and Procedures Guidebook
  • IRB Protocol Review Fee Policy: It is the policy of LSUHSC-NO to charge for IRB review of industry-sponsored studies as a mechanism to support the administrative costs of such reviews.  Non LSUHSC-NO sites in federally sponsored multicenter clinical research studies for which the LSUHSC-NO IRB has agreed to provide oversight as the Single IRB of record are also charged fees to cover costs that would not otherwise be incurred. Access the current fee schedule.
  • IRB LISTSERV (IRB_UPDATES-AND-ANNOUNCEMENTS): This LISTSERV will be used to update everyone involved in human subjects research of new information and/or updates to HRPP and IRB policies and procedures. All study team members must join this LISTSERV before new or re-approval IRB applications will be processed. To subscribe, click on: http://www.listserv.lsuhsc.edu/scripts/wa.exe?INDEX. Should you have difficulty subscribing, contact Lynn Arnold (larnol@lsuhsc.edu) to assist you in subscribing to the LISTSERV.


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